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What are the inside diameters of the bore and chamber of a Stevens 30 caliber rim-fire?


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2008-04-04 02:42:35
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Stevens 30 caliber rim fire is not a true 30 caliber. Chamber is .296. Bore .270 t0 .277. I found a 30 caliber rim fire round, at a gun show. It did not measure out to a 30 cal. Shot shooter


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2 types of 25 caliber Stevens. 1. In centerfire, you have 25-20 Stevens and I believe 25-50 Stevens of which brass is available from Midway. 2. In rimfire you have the 25. rimfire round which apparently is unavailable as I am currently searching for a source.

The original was in caiber .44 Henry rimfire. Currently in caliber .22 rimfire. Which one?

Yes. The model 27 was made in .25 Stevens rimfire, and .25-20, plus .32-20.

Stevens made several smoothbore guns chambered for .22, .32 and .44 rimfire shotshells. A .32 rimfire would be .09 inches smaller in diameter than a .410 and a lot shorter. There were 9MM shotshells which would be about .05 inches smaller, but I don't think Stevens ever made a shotgun for these.

All firearms that are in caliber .22 Long Rifle (LR) or 22 Long or 22 Short are rimfires. If you look at the face of the bolt, you can see the firing pin. If it is in the very center of the bolt face, it is center fire. If at the edge of the face, it is rimfire.

Your J stevens model 26 crackshot,is a boys type single shot rifle with a under lever opening,a 18in.round barrel,hardwood straight grip stock and forearm with open sights.these were made from 1913-1941.They were chambered in either .22cal rimfire,or .32cal rimfire caliber.

There are several different .17 caliber catridges- some rimfire, some centerfire.

.17 is the caliber, HMR means "Hornady Magnum Rimfire".

That was either the Spencer is .50 caliber or the Henry in .44 Rimfire.

In the usual sense of caliber, it means the diameter of the bullet. The smallest commercial caliber is the .17 rimfire, but there have been MUCH smaller caliber firearms, down to the 1-2 mm range. That is about .05 to .10 caliber.

POSSIBLY a rimfire revolver known as the Swiss Mini Gun. It is caliber 2.34mm, or about .092 caliber. It is not available in the US to due laws regarding import of firearms.

.17 is the caliber, HMR means "Hornady Magnum Rimfire".

While the rimfire cartridge was popular at one time, and there were more than 50 different rimfire cartridges, in different calibers, ranging from 2mm (about .08 caliber) to larger than .56 caliber. Today there are only about 7 different rimfire calibers still being loaded- the 17, 17 HMR, the .22 Short. Long, Long Rifle, the .22 WRF, and the .22 WMR. As far as different makes and models of rimfire rifles, there have been THOUSANDS of different rifles.

These older stevens guns are valued at between 65-150 dollars.

a Spencer in 56-56 Spencer rimfire caliber

No it's a centerfire, .35 remington.

The answer is probably stamped on the barrel. Does it say .22 Hornet? Most likely it says .22 LR or .22 Long Rifle. Two other things: The Hornet is a center-fire cartidge, "regular" .22's, be they shorts, longs or long rifle, are rimfire, having the priming mixture in the rim of the cartridge case. Look at the firing pin and see where it is located compared to the case head. On the edge?(rimfire) or centered?(Hornet) The chamber for the .22 Hornet is larger in diameter than the .22 rimfire, as the Hornet is a bottle-necked case. A .22 rimfire case will fall down inside the chamber of a Hornet and be loose. IF YOU PUT A RIMFIRE CARTRIDGE IN AND IT FALLS DOWN IN THE CHAMBER BE SURE IT IS OUT BEFORE YOU PUT ANOTHER CARTRIDGE IN OR YOU WILL HAVE AN EXPLOSION AND PERSONAL INJURY!!! My apologies. I believe the 22 Hornet is a straight or tapered case. I was confusing it with the 25:20, which is bottle-necked. The 22 Hornet is a "bottle neck" case, the rimfire has a straight case and will fill the chamber of the Hornet.

Unless you need some odd obsolete caliber, like 44XL shot or .32 rimfire, you get it anywhere that sells ammunition. For the odd ball cartridges, you either invest in a lot of equipment to make your own (44XL can be fashioned from 44-40 brass) or do without (.32 rimfire can't be reloaded and no one makes cases) and retire the gun.

No. Air pistols are not designed to withstand the pressure generated by gunpowder.

The first bullet was made at 1883. It was a Smith and Wesson .22 caliber rimfire cartridge.

Impossible to answer without a detailed description of all markings, features, and who made it.

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