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look at it

see what he says

reply back something dirty that has to do about what you guys are talking about

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Where can you find instructions for the sms text messenger databank organizer?

ok some of them dont come with instructions but the one's at wall-mart comes with one

Can the victorious sms text messenger text to a real phone?


How do you register your cellphone number in Yahoo Messenger?

You don't need to. Use SMS messaging to text your phone, or have someone else do it. Your phone will receive a text message from Yahoo Messenger with instructions on how to continue receiving messages from them. Follow those instructions, and you can now text with your friend's phones via Yahoo Messenger, or vice versa!

How do you use victorious sms text messenger?

but cheeks

How quickly are SMS text instructions to Towah fulfilled?

All Mobile Phone Text Message SMS services are instant.

1.How far away must you be for the SMS text messenger databank organizer?

how far away must you be for the sms text messenger databank organizer? 25 feet or 15 feet

How far can itext SMS text messenger go?

5 miles

What is the range of a SMS text messenger?

about 3000 or if your friend is close u have better coverage

How do work a text messenger?

What are the instructions for a SMS text messenger for the password???? i need to know because my password won't let me in. same here it wont let me in unless i have a password somebody locked it :( get a paper clip and poke it into the reset button on the back.hope this helps :). PS I need help on chat

Want to know to cancel sms in my yahoo messenger.?

how to cancel sms in my yahoo messenger

Where can one find free SMS messaging services?

Download the Yahoo messenger program on your mobile device. Make sure the friend that you want to text also has Yahoo messenger. Log in with your Yahoo ID and you can send a free SMS.

How do you use my sms text messenger databank organizer?

NO SÉmugre mamada no le entiendo ni madre.

Direction on sakar hello kitty sms text messenger helpmy little girl is having a fit to use this thing?

1 Press the "ID" key and at the "Lock?" prompt, enter a four-digit password to set a protection lock on the Hello Kitty Text Messenger. 2 Press the "Chat" button on one Hello Kitty SMS Text Messenger. "Chat" will display on their screens. 3 Press the "Recv" button on the other Hello Kitty SMS Text Messenger so it can receive a message. 4 Type your message on the keypad of the messenger set to Chat mode. Press a key three times to cycle through the three different letters assigned to it. For example, pressing the "7" key will cycle through the letters "A" "B" and "C." 5 Press the "Send" button. "P/I?" will appear on the screen. Press the "ICQ Call" key to send the message to the other Hello Kitty SMS Text Messenger that is set to receive mode. 6 Press the "Enter" button to save the message. 7 Press the "Recv" button on your Hello Kitty SMS Text Messenger to receive messages from the other unit, whose "Chat" button the other person will press to send messages to you. 8 Press the "Send" button after typing in a text message, and when "P/I?" appear on the screen, press the "Private Call" key. "ID" will appear on the screen. Enter your friend's preset chat password ID number, then press the "Enter" button to sent the message privately. If you forget your password, you can press the "Reset" button to restart the Hello Kitty Text Messenger.

What are the advantages of sms?

Its cheap, reliable, simple, non voice, SMS it connects many people around the world through text messaging social networking website and SMS is more reliable than mobile instant messenger.

What is a SMS tone?

sms tones are for text messages.

How do the sms hello kitty text messengers work?

Well I have an hello kitty sms text messenger,and i am seven years old,so i don't really know how it works,but i do know how to text! PS:Anybody who knows how to use the call button and who has read this,reply back on how to or email me at Thanks!

What is the difference between text messages and SMS messages?

A text message is the same as an sms message. SMS stands for short message service. A text is a short message 160 characters

Can you send a text message from yahoo messanger and get replys?

Yes. Just put the number you want to send a text to into the SMS Box at the top of Messenger, then select the option to send SMS Message. The person will get the message from a weird looking number. They can save that number, and use it to send a text message to your yahoo username at any time.

how can i send my SMS text messages to my pc?

You can send SMS text messages to your PC by going to an online site that changes SMS text messages to email, and downloading the emails when you get home to your PC.

Does Sending sms from mobile to yahoo messenger free?


What does sms trm d mean?

It means the recipient does not have SMS (text) service.

How do you send a anonymous text?


What is an SmS number?

An SMS is a text to number. This is used specifically for texting messages. SMS stands for Short Messaging Service.

Does hello kitty sms text messenger have special pass code?

yes it does (look in the back) on the bottom it says mid#004-1009 so good luck figuring it out

Why is SMS text messaging so popular with the teen set?

SMS text messaging is very popular with teens because it is a quick and easy way for them to stay in touch with each other from anywhere. SMS text messaging is done by cell phone.