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What are the internal parts of a computer?

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They are the inside parts of a computer.If you think this answer is boring then thats probaly because i am young. i am only 9.By sumayya tafhimi

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What are the Internal parts of CRT computer monitor?


What are 10 internal computer parts?

one is a motherboard

What are touchable parts of a computer?

The touchable parts of the computer include the peripherals like the mouse, the keyboard, the speakers, and the monitor. The internal parts of the computer, like the motherboard, are generally not touchable.

What is an internal desktop?

Internal Desktop refers to electronic computer parts that are designed to be installed inside a desktop computer. e.g Internal Desktop Hard Drives are hard drives designed to be installed inside a desktop computer.

What are external and internal parts of a computer system?

Devices such as the motherboard, graphic and sound cards, internal hard-drives, are examples of internal parts found inside the computer case. The external parts are outside the case: monitor, keyboard, mouse, external hard-drives, usb devices, and so on.

What are not parts of a computer?

All things except computer parts are not parts of a computer. It is easier to list computer parts:mainboardsCPUs (processors)RAM memory modulesinternal HDDs (hard disc drives) and SSDs (Solid States Drives)internal optical drivesgraphis cardssound cardsfax/modem cardsLAN cardscomputer casespower supply unitsinternal cablesvarious controller cards (USB, FireWire)

What are the advantage and disadvantage of external and internal parts of the computer?

There aren't disadvantages to any parts- without the parts, it wouldn't work.

What parts are there in a Compaq computer?

Internal components, screen modules, and system boards are parts of a Compaq computer. Also includes as parts are floppy, DVD ROM, RW, and CDRW/DVD drives.

What is the piece of a computer responsible for providing electricity to all of the internal parts?

The power supply.

What is computer hardware engineer?

Computer hardware engineer is a person, who helps you to repair internal parts of your computers. Means a computer hardware engineer's expertise lies with the physical parts of computers and computer systems. Thanks SolutionForTech WWW.SolutionForTech.Com

What are the different internal parts of a computer?

Some parts included in a computer include: sound card, processor and Ethernet card. Damage to any of these components will affect your computer's performance.

Can the internal parts of the computer be changed?

If you mean, refitted with updated hardware ... yes, most certainly.

Define the external data bus?

In computers, the bus is the subsystem that transfers data between internal parts of the computer, or from internal parts of the computer to external parts, or between two computers. External bus can be parallel (ATA (and all of its derivations), IEEE-488, SCSI) or serial (USB, FireWire, etc.).

What internal parts of a 2004 Mitsubishi engine is not considered to be internal?

Internal parts are just that,,internal meaning they are inside the engine. If they are not IN the engine they are external parts.

Internal parts of a CPU and its function?

what are the internal parts of a cpu and what are their functions

Enumerate the internal parts of a leaf?

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Can the internal parts of a computer be changed even if you purchase an already assembled computer?

Yes, of course most parts can be changed. Its not all that different in principle from changing parts in a car. But if you don't know how, in either case, I recommend paying a shop to do it for you.

Define hardware and software?

The hardware of a computer are its physical parts such as the monitor and the tower. Software are the internal applications such as internet explorer.

What are the external and internal parts of a flower?

Epicalyx, calyx and corolla are external parts of the flower and stamens and carpels are its internal parts

What is internal cancer?

A cancer of your internal parts :3

What are the tools used in a computer laboratory for computer maintenance?

Airy, well ventilated room, Desks, board with internal parts of computer with their names, multimedia, well trained computer trainer, computer accessories such as speaker, mice, joy stick etc

What is the key internal parts of a computer?

Arithmetic Logic UnitControl UnitMemory UnitInput/Output Unit(s)

Can you Label and defined the internal ad external parts of a system unit?

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Internal body parts name?

The general term we use for internal body parts is viscera.

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