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there were lots of jobs in Mesopotamia. this is the class and the jobs in the classes in Mesopotamia;

The upper class consisted of priests, Kings, and rich landowners. The middle class consist of government officials, merchants, artisans, farmers, fishermen. The last class, lower class consisted of unskilled workers and slaves.

There are more jobs but if you scroll down you will find them!

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Ancient mesopotamia jobs?

Ancient Mesopotamia had jobs like scribe, pottery, shoemaker

What were some specialized jobs in Mesopotamia?

some specialized jobs in Mesopotamia were farmers entertainers artist etc..........................................

What jobs did people have in Mesopotamia?

There were no jobs and people sucked there

What were the common jobs of Mesopotamia?

agriculture was the main occupation in ancient mesopotamia

What were some Mesopotamia jobs?

some jobs where known as '' Glassmaking and irrigation''

Who invented jobs?

People living in ancient Mesopotamia.

What were the jobs of wealthy people of mesopotamia?

Priests and scribes

What are types of jobs in the city Assur in mesopotamia?


How much did they get for there jobs in ancient mesopotamia?

They did not get payed at all

One of the highest jobs in ancient Egypt was that of the?

it was mesopotamia

Witch jobs did women have in ancient mesopotamia?

they had to do farming and all those sorts of easy jobs!!!!!!!

What were the jobs in Mesopotamia?

eating chicken nuggets untill you explloded

What role did the government have in trading and jobs in Mesopotamia?

nothin guys

What kind of jobs do the Mesopotamia have?

Some jobs are Accountant, Stone carver, Fisher men, and gold mith.

What jobs did Mesopotamia have?

they had all kinds of jobs like, a scribe, artisians, priests and many other jobs! but im an idiot and i dont know

What was some of the jobs that slaves did in ancient Mesopotamia?

One direction nial

In Mesopotamia what role did the government have in trading and jobs?

The government collected taxes

What important jobs did scribes do in Mesopotamia?

write about things on clay tablets

What did generals do in Mesopotamia?

well, in ancient Mesopotamia the generals had the main job out of everyone. the ruler, artisan, scribe priest and priestess were the other main jobs. the general is like the president of ancient Mesopotamia. the general leads around the slaves and big jobs like helping move armies.

What are some of the mesopotamian jobs?

Some jobs in Mesopotamia are: Farmer Scribe Merchant Priest King( Monarch) Slave Blacksmith

What Jobs and Roles did men in Mesopotamia do?

They were slaves, Farmers and some were kings and soldier's.

What do men do in Mesopotamia?

they were batter thann women and they went to war they had more important jobs

What role did the government of Mesopotamia have in trading and jobs?

government made laws. i dont think they trade much

What were the kings jobs in mesopotamia?

they basic job was to keep the peace and make sure everything was going right in the economic basis.

Do women and men have the same jobs in mesopotamia?

No they do not women were midwives,temple workers,minstrels and at one point they were rulers.I hope this helps you.