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What are the jobs of the Legislative Branch?


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  • make laws for the nation
  • approve treaties
  • confirms presidential appointments
  • grants money
  • declares war

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The jobs of the executive brach is to enforce the laws made by Congress, the legislative branch.

The main purpose for the legislative branch is to pass laws

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The legislative branch makes the laws, the judicial branch determines if the laws are constitutional, and the executive branch enforces the laws.

They are elected by popular senate/house vote

to check the other branches and to pass laws.

In order to better understand this question we must ask ourselves the purpose of the legislative branch. The legislative branch is a social service. It provides jobs to those who cannot run a business or do manual labor.

Legislative BranchlegislativeThe legislative branch

The Legislative Branchdeclares warregulates interstate and foreign commercelays and collects taxes;pays debts;provides for the common defense and general welfare

The legislative branch makes the laws.

what responsibilities of the legislative branch

what does the legislative branch do?

No, the legislative branch is not the only branch appointed by the president. The legislative branch is the only branch that is voted into office by the people.

The Legislative Branch is the branch of government responsible for passing laws. An example of a sentence using the term "Legislative Branch" is "In the US, the Legislative Branch of the federal government is Congress. "

If you are referring to the jobs of the three branches, the legislative branch makes laws, the judicial branch interprets said laws, and the executive branch enforces them.

The judicial branch checks the legislative branch by declaring if the laws made by the legislative branch are unconstitutional.The executive also checks the legislative branch because it can veto a legistaltion.Hope this actually helps you:)

why is the legislative branch called "peoples branch"

the legislative branch was created by a tree

they make laws in the legislative branch.

The legislative Branch Create the laws.

there was no legislative branch back then

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