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What are the kinds of axial bones?


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All of your bones are either axial or appendicular. Axial bones are cental (on the center axis) like your skull, spine and ribs. Appendicular bones are your legs, arms, pelvis and shoulders.

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Axial can be used to describe the skeleton. There is the axial skeleton and the appendicular skeleton. The axial skeleton is comprised of the bones on your torso, meaning: -skull (22 bones) -ear ossicles (3 bones in ear ear) -the hyoid bone -spine ( 26 vertebrae) -the sternum -and the ribs (24 bones) There are a total of 8o bones in the axial skeleton. The appendicular skeleton is made up of your pelvis, clavicles, arms, legs, hands and feet.

Of the axial skeleton bones, which bone (radius, clavicle, sternum, hip bone) is present?

True, there are 80 bones in the axial skeleton, consisting of the skull, spine, ribs and sternum.

The axial skeleton is made of the bones along the middle axis of the creature. The bones consituting the axial skeleton are the bones in the skull, middle ear, throat, rib cage, sternum, and spine.

The major bones of the axial skeleton include the skull, the vertebral column, the ribcage, and the sternum.

The appendicular skeleton consists of the bones and related tissue of the arms and legs. The axial skeleton consists of the remainder of the bones.

Axial skeleton - is made up of bones of the skul, ribs, and the vertebrae. Appendicular skeleton - includes all the bones attached to the axial skeleton.

No the scapula (other wise known as the shoulder) is not part of the Axial Skeleton. The Axial Skeleton is composed of 80 bones that are in your head and trunk. The bones within the Axial Skeleton are bones that cover and protect either your brain, spinal cord or vital organs such as the heart. The scapula does not protect either of these, therefor it is not included in the axial skeleton.

The axial skeleton consists of 80 bones. This includes the skull, bones of the ears, hyoid bone of the throat, the chest, and the vertebral column. 4

The bones of the skullThe bones of the thoraxThe bones of the vertebral column

The axial skeleton consists of the skull, the spinal column and the ribs.

Axial bones are part of the skeleton. It consists of 80 bones that go along the central axis of the human body. They go from the human skull right down to the vertebral column.The bones of the SkullThe bones of the ThoraxThe bones of the Vertebral ColumnThe RibsThe Pelvic boneslist the bones of the axial skeleton

The appendicular skeleton has the most bones with a total of 126 bones.

First axial skeleton is made up of 80 bone The main bones of axial skeleton are Hyoid Auditory ossicles Skull ribs and sternum Vertebral column

the axial skeleton consists of the skull, vertebral column, ribs and sternum.

Your skull, vertebrae, sacrum and coccyx make up your axial skeleton.

Metacarpals are the bones in your hands, the axial skeleton is your skull, thorax, and spine.

The axial part of the skeleton is comprised of the bones in the skull and trunk of the body. Yes, the axial part of the skeleton does have a cavity.

The axial skeleton is structured from 80 bones segregated into 3 major regions which are the skull, vertebral column and thoracic cage

use your gut instinct actually use the axial skeleton

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