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What are the kinds of prounouns?

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Pronouns replace the noun of a person, place or thing in a sentence.

In the examples below, the first sentence has a noun. In the second sentence, the noun is replaced with an appropriate pronoun.

Johnny is quite short. He is only four feet tall.

Mary and Sue won the state championship. They made a great team.

The Eiffel Tower is really beautiful. It can be seen from anywhere in Paris.

In most cases, the noun should be used first, followed by the pronoun. If the noun is not used, the reader probably won't know who or what the pronoun refers to. The noun can follow the pronoun, but it must do so quickly to avoid confusing the reader.

Being that he was so short, Johnny decided not to try out for basketball. It sparkled like a dozen stars on a moonless night. The diamond showered its light everywhere. They were hailed as conquering heroes, but the girls knew the biggest challenge was yet to come.

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