What are the kinds of rainbow loom bracelet?

There are three kinds. One is a fish tale and the other one's are a regular and a bracelet inside a bracelet.

There are far too many Rainbow Loom bracelet patterns - with more being designed every day - to provide a meaningful answer. However, there are several distinct types of bracelets that can be grouped into at least five categories:

> Fishtail, including the Inverted and Reversed Fishtail, Hexafish, etc., made on two to six pegs;

> Single Chain Type, including the Spiral, ZigZag, and others that are variations on a single row of rubber bands;

> Triple Single Type, including the Ladder, Criss Cross, Zipper and others based on three linked chains;

> Dragon Scale Type, in which a net of rubber bands is formed from a single peg bar.

> Flower and Novelty bracelets, made up of flowers or figures such as Minions or the Skull and Crossbones.