What are the kinds of straw ie paddy?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: What are the kinds of straw ie paddy?
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Is paddy and straw the example of joint supply?


Is Paddy and straw is the example of joint supply?


The stiffness of paddy straw is due to?

because of collenchyma.

When is the appropriate time for harvesting paddy straw mushrooms?

The mushrooms can be harvested 10-14 days after the paddy straw has been put down. Once they show up, they must be harvested within 2-3 days.

What kinds of furniture did they have?

they had tables but not fashionable and beds made of straw and wood and some beds were hamocks

What kinds of vegetable burgers are there?

Loads of types IE Mushroom LOL

What is the difference between straw and stover?

nothing . both r the same. stover or straw is obtained by harvesting, thrashing and removal of any cereal grains or legumes. but stover is used for sorghum, maize, milletes and soyabean. but straw is the term used for wheat, paddy, remaining legumes.................................... can be used as fodder. but generally used for bedding purpose in U.S, unlike in countries like india.....

Can horses eat straw?

They are often willing to eat some kinds of straw, in particular oat straw. Therefore, when straw is used as bedding, the owner should monitor to make sure the horse isn't eating the bedding. Also if they eat too much straw, in large amounts the owner might discover that the horse has gotten pelvic flexure impaction, this is a type of colic

What is the two kinds of particle that make up the soil?

Rocks ie dry leaves

Is paddy a superstar?

yes paddy is a superstar !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What nicknames does Paddy Ashdown go by?

Paddy Ashdown goes by Action Man, and Paddy Pantsdown.

What is the rebus puzzle straw straw straw straw straw straw straw?

it means: the last staw