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Not sure why you would even want to do this as wider or higher wall tire's may effect the overall handling of the vehicle as well as throw off your speedometer. If you want to do this to make the car look more beefy as it were, you should put on a set of 18" rims with 245/45/18 tires, this will look sweet !!!!!!!! 18 inch is about it. I have 18's on and they do look goooooooood.

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How many tires on a Boeing 777?

Wheels or tires? if tires, 14. If wheels, 7. There are 2 tires per wheel.

Wheels and Tires?

form_title= Wheels and Tires form_header= Keep your car running with new wheels and tires. How many tires do you need? What brand do your normally buy?*= _ [50] Does your car require specialty tires?*= () Yes () No

Can 35 inch tires fit on 1994 f350?

Sure all you have to do is cut your fenders ,don`t be scared to cut your fenders.

Where can I buy tires online?

Find tires, wheels and more at Tire Rack: large inventory of discount tires and wheels, plus tire reviews and ratings, custom wheels, brakes, chrome wheels, suv

Do wheels for 185 70 r14 tires fit 205 70 r15 tires?

Of course not you cannot install 15 inch tires on 14 inch wheels or vice versa. 14 inch wheels require 14 inch tires, and 15 inch wheels require 15 inch tires.

What is the largest size tires you can put on a 2008 Sierra with out a lift?

you should be able to run a 33 on stock wheels with no problem

Where can one find cheap wheels and tires?

Cheap wheels and tires can be purchased at various retailers online. The most popular websites for cheap wheels are Tire Rack, Amazon and Online Tires.

Will 371250R16.5 tires fit on 17 wheels?

No, only use 17 inch tires on 17 inch wheels.

How many tires in a380?

There are 22 tires and wheels on an A380

What size wheels fit on a 2000 Jeep Cherokee?

Largest that you can run are 30" tires on the stock suspension but they will rub at full flex.

What size range does Rota Wheels offer?

Rota Wheels is the nation's top manufacturer of tires. They sell tires in just about all sizes, from standard to monster truck. Tires from Rota Wheels are not expensive either.

How do you take wheels off a 750 motorcycle for new tires?

you don't take the wheels take the tires off

What are the largest tires you can put on a 1988 Cherokee lifted 4.5?

Anything larger than 33s will rub and potentially damage the fenders. If you cut the fenders back, you could go with 35". Anything larger than 35s will likely require more extensive cutting into the body for tire clearance.

What is the name of a skateboard tires?


Do wheels have treads?

No, tires have treads.

How can you soften the ride 1999 outback?

Assuming you have stock wheels + tires, you need 4 struts, and keep your tires between 28 and 32psi. If by chance you Upgraded your wheels with 50 series tires, and wheels, happy stiff ride.

Are Harley Davidson classic tires tubeless?

As you probably know, Harley doesn't make tires and never have. But any Harley with factory wire wheels (spoke type) uses inner tubes, and any Harley with factory cast aluminum wheels can use tubeless tires. But not all tires can be used without a tube, it depends on the type and manufacturer. It will say on the tire's sidewall if it can be run tubeless. Harley first started using cast aluminum tubeless-type wheels in the late Seventies.

What would cause the speedometer to be off on a 96 Chevy S-10?

Different size tires and wheels. The factory size tires and wheels are calibrated with the speedometer. If a different sized tires or wheels are put on the vehicle, the speed can be off.

Are tires for Lexus and Chevy interchangeable?

Tires, yes if they are the correct size. Wheels, no.

Why car shake after putting new wheels on it?

Tires are out of balance. Have the tires balanced.

What is the largest tire size that will fit a 2006 Toyota 4Runner?

The 2006 Toyota 4Runner in the 4WD Sport trim comes equipped with P265/65/17 tires. The largest approved size tires for this application are P295/35/24 which require aftermarket wheels.

Your 1996 Plymouth Voyager has a wobble like a unbalanced washing machine between 35 and 50 mph any ideas?

have the wheels balanced and tires checked for out of round.also when balancing tires tell mechanic to check that the wheels are not bent or buckled have the wheels balanced and tires checked for out of round.also when balancing tires tell mechanic to check that the wheels are not bent or buckled

Can replace 225 60 R16 tires with 215 55 R17 tires?

Not without changing the wheels also. If you also change the wheels to 17 inch wheels then that is an acceptable swap.

What is the best website to find cheap camaro tires and wheels?

The best website to find cheap camaro tires and wheels is ANDY'S AUTO SPORT ( )

What are the largest tires you can get on a Jeep Liberty?

20" tires are the largest tires for your car if you of course don't have any lift kits..

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