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What are the laws in Georgia on time frame before they sell at auction and can they do this if you pay following day of repo when notified of amount owed if was all bank error?


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2004-06-08 08:16:09
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WHAT "was all bank error"?? IF the whole entire repo "was all bank error", then you need an attorney now. ASAP. The bank has insurance to cover "errors and omissions".


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The vehicle will be taken to a storage lot, or sent directly to auction. The borrower will be notified by mail of the lenders intent to sell the vehicle either by an Order of Repossession or a Notive of intent. The vehicle will either be sold at auction or redeemed by the borrower. If sold at auction, the purchase amount will be applied to the loan debt. If the purchase price exceeds the debt plus all repo fees, the remaining amount will be refunded to the borrower. If the purchase amount is less than the loan debt (the more common scenario), the borrower will be required to pay the remaining amount of the debt.

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You can deposit just under 10,000 dollars in a bank before the IRS will be notified. However, if it looks like you are trying to cheat the system, they may be notified by the bank.

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