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Debts included in the bankruptcy should be noted as such in the credit report. The bankruptcy will remain on the credit report for ten years.

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How do you remove a repossession on your credit report after bankruptcy is discharged?

You present proof that the repossession never occured. You can dispute it with the credit reporting agency.

What is a credit reporting agency?

A credit reporting agency (CRA) is a company that gathers and sells financial history information

Can a credit agency remove a chapter 7 bankruptcy after it has been 7 years?

No, valid negative information must remain on a credit report for the required amount of time. In the case of a chapter 7 bankruptcy it is 10 years from the date of discharge.

When Will The Credit Reporting Agency Respond To A Credit Report Dispute?

Whenever you submit a credit report dispute, the credit reporting agency has as much as 45 days from receiving your dispute to do an analysis. The credit reporting agency generally will get 30 days to research your dispute, but when you signal more details inside the 30-day window, the credit reporting agency will get yet another 15 days, getting the total to 45. Once the credit reporting agency has got the outcomes of the analysis, the agency should inform you about the results within 5 working days.

Acollection agency has had an attorney serve you a summons the debt is from 1999 do you have to negotiate on this old debt?

You don't have to negotiate but its to your advantage to do so...It may be a lot cheaper. Or file bankruptcy and discharge it...forever

How can I find work with a court reporting agency?

Court reporting work can be hard to find. You can find court reporting work at www.bls.gov.

If a collection agency freezes your bank account and on the next day you file for bankruptcy can they still freeze your money?

A collection agency, or any party, can only freeze your bank account IF they have sued your first and won a judgment against you. If you file for bankruptcy, it will not immediately release the levy on the account. The court that rendered the judgment must be notified of the bankruptcy filing, as well as the judgment creditor. The account could remain frozen until the outcome of your bankruptcy. If your bankruptcy, and the judgment debt is discharged, then the bank account must be released. It is possible to release a levy before discharge, but it will usually require the bankruptcy attorney to do it.

What is the difference between a Consumer Reporting Agency and A Credit Reporting Agency under the guidelines of the Fair Credit Reporting Act?

there is no difference, it is the same. They were called Credit reaporting agencies several years ago, then the terms was changed to consumer reporting agencies as they are not used for more than just Credit Reporting.

Law that stops a company from reporting to a credit agency while the matter is in litigation?

cite the law that prevents a company from reporting to a credit agency while that item is in litigation?

How can I start a court reporting career in Detroit, MI?

There is a Clawson court reporting agency that will help you get train for court reporting then will allow you to get a career.

Are credit reporting agencies international?

There are very many countries with credit reporting agencies. Credit agencies use them to receive their data quickly. If there is a credit agency in any particular country then more than likely there is a reporting agency.

How do you remove a civil judgment that has been released by the courts from your credit report especially when the original debt was included in a chapter 7 bankruptcy?

You need to get the release from the courts and send it to the credit reporting agency to ask for it to be removed.

What are the duties of a court reporting agency?

A court reporting agency sends out court reporters to take verbatim transcripts of what happens at legal proceedings, including actual trials and depositions.

What does a consumer reporting agency do?

A consumer reporting agency is an agency that collects information on certain individuals. They then sell this information to possible creditors to help them decide the credit worthiness of the individual (or whether a person should be allowed extended credit).

Who do you get your credit score from?

The CRA (Credit Reporting Agency/Bureaus).

How do you remove a reposession from a credit report when the reposesion was the finance company's error?

File a consumer dispute with the credit reporting agency. You can do that online as each reporting agency has it's own website.

If you filed bankruptcy over 10 years ago and it has come off your credit report if you file again will it show two filings?

It shouldn't, however CRA's are not always accurate in their data keeping. If the previous expired bankruptcy shows in the PR's portion, it would be advisable to send a letter of dispute to the reporting agency.

If a bankruptcy was discharged in 1993 does it automatically come off of your credit report and how long after What if it's still on your report?

Bankruptcy can stay on your credit report for up to 10 years. If you obtain the credit report directly from the credit reporting agency (ie. Equifax, Transunion, Experion) the report will provide you with directions on how to dispute the information.

Can a collection Agency collect a debt after a chapter 7 in Tennessee if it was accidentally omitted?

Any debt that was omitted from the Chapter 7 can be collected after the discharge of the bankruptcy. If the bankruptcy has not been discharged, you may sitll be able to add it to the list of debts. If however the stay has been lifted (the bankrutcy is discharged) then there is no protections and you are vulnerable.

Who can report to a credit reporting agency?

Any lendor or lending institution.

If you are applying for a job as a sheriff officer will a bankruptcy be held against you?

Only the employing agency can answer this question for you, but probably not, especially if you discharged the bankruptcy according to the bankruptcy referee's instructions.

Collection acct removed but original creditor still remains?

Yes, reporting to your credit by a collections agency does not effect the reporting originally made by your creditor. It most normal cases you would see the original creditor having reporting the account as a "charge off" regardless of any reporting made by a collections agency afterwords.

Is it legal for a collection agency to purchase an account that has been discharged in Chapter 7 and report it as a charged off account?

As a general rule, "No". You need to be certain that the debt was actually discharged in the bankruptcy. If so, you should contact the attorney that handled the BK and have them forward the necessary information to the collection agency. Or you can send the documents yourself (COPIES of the discharge, etc.) and send them by registered mail to the agency.

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