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In organized Baseball, there are 19 listed official leagues. These do not include the winter leagues in Central and South America, and places like Japan, which have their own major leagues. Majors: American, National AAA: International, Pacific Coast, Mexican ( lists the Mexican league, although I'm not sure if it is officially AAA) AA: Eastern, Southern, Texas A: California, Midwest, Carolina, South Atlantic, Florida State Rookie: Appalachian, Arizona, Pioneer, Gulf Coast

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Q: What are the leagues of baseball?
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How many baseball leagues were in the negro leagues?

The Negro leagues were US professional baseball leagues. The term is usually used to include 7 leagues, also called "Negro Major Leagues" which began in 1920.

When was Negro Leagues Baseball Museum created?

Negro Leagues Baseball Museum was created in 1990.

When was George Khoury Association of Baseball Leagues created?

George Khoury Association of Baseball Leagues was created in 1934.

How many baseball leagues are there?

There are 2 leagues. American League and National League.

What is an example sentence with the word leagues?

One upon a time, there were three baseball leagues.

What was Satchel Paige's baseball number?

Overall, Satchel Paige played in many different baseball leagues. he played in the major and the minor leagues. he also played in the negro leagues and his number in the negro leagues was #25 ~thx! (for lookin at this info!)

What are the ratings and certificates for Negro Leagues Baseball - 1946?

Negro Leagues Baseball - 1946 is rated/received certificates of: USA:Approved

Can a baseball manager elect to take a strike?

Not in MLB. Other leagues such as youth leagues or co-rec leagues may have different rules.

Why are male sporting leagues more noticed than female sporting leagues?

Basketball and baseball

Can you be a baseball player in the major leagues?


Farm team in baseball?

Minor Leagues.

What is the web address of the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum in Kansas City Missouri?

The web address of the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum is:

When in the minor leagues in baseball the trip to the big leagues is called what?

I believe it is called the trip to the BIG HOUSE.

What is the food-related idiom for pre-season baseball leagues?

The Grapefruit Leagues is the food-related idiom for pre-season leagues.

How many American baseball leagues?

There are two leagues in major league baseball, the American League and the National League. There are about 19 leagues in minor league baseball that include the Arizona League, Appalachian League, California League, Pacific Coast League, International League, and others.

How many leagues are in the minor league baseball?

The big 2 in minor leagues is the AA and the AAA, but there are tons of leagues in minor league baseball. But first you might have to go play college baseball to appl for the minors i believe. keep researching an you'll find out sooneror later!

What are the penalties in baseball?

You can be ejected out of a game for misconduct such as arguing with the umpires. In the minor leagues/major leagues you could be fined $$

Do baseball umpires work both leagues?


How many teams in the major leagues in baseball?


How many youth baseball leagues are there in the USA?


What is the motto of George Khoury Association of Baseball Leagues?

The motto of George Khoury Association of Baseball Leagues is 'The Khoury League is interested in the child that nobody else wants.'.

How many professional athletes are in the world?

There are too many to count. There are dozens and dozens of basketball leagues, a few American football leagues, soccer leagues, many baseball leagues, and so on. There is no kept count of professional athletes.

Is there a mercy rule for 20 after 2 innings in baseball?

Aybe in some leagues, where I'm from no, and in major and minor leagues, no as well

Is their a minus 6 or minus 7 baseball available?

I think you mean baseball bat. In the younger leagues you can get a bat that is a drop 10. In the older leagues, it is usually a drop 3.

What actors and actresses appeared in Negro Leagues Baseball - 1946?

The cast of Negro Leagues Baseball - 1946 includes: Sam Hairston as himself Herb Souell as himself