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Q: What are the leatherback turtles biggest threat?
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What are facts about leatherback turtles?

They weigh up to 1700 pounds they are the biggest turtles!

Does Singapore have leatherback turtle?

yes.Singapore have leatherback turtles

What is a leatherback and loggerhead types of?

Turtles... They are types of turtles.

What turtles are becoming extinced?

Leatherback and loggerhead turtles.

Do leatherback sea turtles lay eggs?

Leatherback sea turtles lay eggs to make more of them.

Is a a green Leatherback turtle a reptile?

Leatherback sea turtles are reptiles, like all turtles and tortoises.

Are leatherback turtles same as leatherback sea turtles?

Yes, they are the same, Leatherbacks only live in the sea

How much do leatherback turtles weigh?

Leatherback Turtles : weigh up to I don't have no idea so that is why I asked this website

Do leatherback turtles hibernate?


What is a leatherback turtles predator?


Do leatherback sea turtles sleep?


Leatherback turtles are wildlife or not?


Are leatherback turtles reptiles?


What are the the sea largest sea turtles?

leatherback sea turtles

How many leatherback sea turtles are there in a group?

There are no groups of turtles.

How tall is a leatherback sea turtles?

The leatherback sea turtle is 6 feet

Does Leatherback Sea Turtles migrate?

they migrate

Are leatherback sea turtles in the mammal category?


Where are leatherback turtles from?

they r from the floridan cost

Is the leatherback turtles an endangered species?


Where do leatherback sea turtles sleep?

the oceam

What are leatherback sea turtles afraid of?


Do leatherback sea turtles hibernate?


Do we have leatherback turtles in new zealand?

Yes (:

What is the leatherback sea turtles prediters?