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The leaves of ferns are called fronds.

As a young frond unwinds and opens, it is called a fiddlehead.

The regular fronds are called trophophylls. The fronds that produce spores are called sporophylls.

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Are ferns are called fronds?

Fern leaves are called fronds.

What are ferns like?

Ferns have leaves that are called Fronds, they grow above the ground from an underground stem called a Rhizome

Why are the developing leaves in many ferns called fiddleheads?

The developing leaves of many ferns are called fiddleheads because they show a resemblance to the top end of a violin. (Violins are often called fiddles.)

What are fronds called?

The compound large leaves of ferns and Cycads are called fronds.

Is the leaf of a liverwort called a frond?

No; liverworts do not have leaves. The massive compound leaves in some ferns and gymnosperms are called fronds.

Do ferns lose their leaves in the winter?

do ferns lose their leaves in winter. Although ferns are evergreen plants, their leaves perish in the snow in the winters and fresh leaves emerge during spring and autumn seasons.

What do ferns not have?

sporesleavesrootsseedsFerns do not have seeds.

Do ferns have roots stems and leaves?

Yes,ferns have roots stem,and leaf

Do ferns have long leaves?

Ferns differ in sizes and shapes from tiny moss-like sizes to house-gutter sizes. They can be elongated or spiral. But most ferns have elongated compound leaves.

What are the uncurled leaves of a fern called?

The uncurled leaves of a fern are called fronds. A fern is a autotroph. Ferns need to release their spores into moist environments in order for reproduction to occur.

Are xylem in ferns?

Yes, there are both phloem and xylem in ferns, but they are only in the stem not in the leaves.

What does ferns have?

Ferns have roots that hold them onto a tree or another plant, leaves, chlorophyll and spores.

Where do ferns carry out photosynthesis?

In the leaves, or more specificly, in the cloroplasts in the cells of the leaves

What are plants with big leaves?

Tree ferns are plants with big leaves or fronds.

Do ferns have seeds on the undersides of their leaves?

Ferns do have seeds on the undersides of there leave that's what make them grow flowers

What group do ferns belong to?

Ferns belong to a group of plants called Vascular Plants. This means that they have xylem, phloem, stems, leaves, and roots, but do not have seeds or flowers (so they reproduce via spores).

Give any two characteristics of ferns?

Two characteristics of ferns are: · Ferns have well developed roots, stems and leaves. · They do not produce flowers, fruits and seeds.

How Conifers are different from ferns in that conifers do not have leaves?

Ferns reproduce by spores. Conifers reproduce by seeds. The way they reproduce mainly determines their group. Differences also exist in the root and stem structure. Neither ferns nor conifers have true leaves. Ferns jave fronds and most conifers have needles.

Are also called fork ferns?

Whisk Ferns///!! BY:MR.D

What is the function of a sori?

These are reproductive spores on the underside of the leaves of ferns.

What is the plural possesive of fern?

The plural form of the noun fern is ferns.The plural possessive form is ferns'.example: Those ferns' lacy leaves add softness to the garden.

What is a cluster of spore-bearing leaves called?

The spore-bearing plants are called Psilophytes. This type of plant has no root nor leaves, the only have stems and they live in water. The common example of spore-bearing plants are ferns.

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