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The finance company has the right to "self-help" in most states. This means they can hire a repo man to come and take the car in a public place as long as they don't breach the peace. So it is not per se illegal to make it more difficult for them to find it. But at some point, purposely hiding a car becomes illegal and a violation of law. In the same vein, the finance company always has the right to sue the person and obtain a right of return action or Order of Replevin. With this in hand, they can engage the Sheriff to come to your house and you MUST turn over the vehicle at that time. So it's a game. The creditor wants to self-help and avoid a lawsuit and the debtor wants to hide it and keep it a little bit longer. At some point it becomes illegal. Legally the leinholder owns the car hiding it can lead to the leinholder taking legal actions and a person could actually get charged with grand theft auto

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Q: What are the legal issues with repossessing a car that is being hidden in a storage facility by an employee?
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