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The legal responsibilities of a cosigner on a lease agreement are the same as the tenant without the benefit of tenancy.

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Q: What are the legal responsibilities of a cosigner on a lease agreement?
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Does a legal California one year lease require to contain landlord responsibilities?

The landlord has many responsibilities under the law. Whether they are spelled out in the lease or not doesn't change that. The lease can add responsibilities for the landlord.

What is the legal age to sign a lease agreement in Nebraska?


What is the legal age to enter a lease agreement in new york?

You must be 18 years old to enter into a residential lease agreement in the USA.

Does the cosigner have the legal right to have the tenant move out before lease is expired due to no rent paid?


How do you rent your house out?

When renting out your house you want to make sure you do it legally by using a residential lease agreement. In a residential lease agreement you will list the rights and responsibilities of both the landlord and the tenant. You also need proof of a residential agreement before you can legally evict a tenant using the legal notice of eviction process. For more information and to download your state's residential lease agreement form, visit the link in the related links, called 'residential lease agreements'.

Are there legal options that a cosigner can use to be removed from an auto loan?

No, a cosigner can only be relieved of the financial obligation by a refinancing of the loan agreement without them being a participant.

What are some legal ways of getting out of a lease early?

check on the lease agreement but often you can find replacement roommates to take over your lease

Is it legal for a lease to be broken if the tenant was only 17 when she signed it?

If the age of consent into a legal agreement is above 17 then no lease has any legal standing. Therefore it does not exist, legally.

Where you do find the format of residential lease agreement?

This is a legal question for which you must consult an attorney. A standard lease agreement may be available at your local office supply store.

What are the legal rights of a cosigner on a mortgage?

legal rights of cosigner on mortgage

Can the cosigner for a car get off the lease and do they have rights to sell the car?

No one is released from contract unless the lender has some mitigating reason to allow it. This is usually death of a borrower. Other than that, the only legal way to "get off of a lease" is to pay the loan off. In most circumstances, but check your state law, the cosigner has the same rights and responsibilities as the primary signer. The lender is not going to referee your domestic disputes. Probably best to consult a contract lawyer. A co-signer has no legal rights to a vehicle unless his or her name is on the title. The cosigner is responsible for the entire amount of the loan if the primary borrower defaults; and cannot be removed from the lending agreement until the loan is paid in full or is refinanced without said cosigner being a participant.

What kind of legal agreement is necessary for a rent by owner arrangement?

The legal agreement necessary for a rent by owner arrangement is known as a "Tenancy Agreement". This agreement defines the responsibilities of both landlord and tenant.

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