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It depends on your country, or state.

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That the baby be raised in a safe environment. They are both minors, they have no rights.

One right about legal for 16 year old, is that they can not smoke.

How old do you have to be to move out? How old do you have to be to have a baby without getting introuble with the law? How old do you have to be to get maried legally in Georgia?

In the US, there are no 'runaway' rights.

There are no legal rights. They are both adults and above the age of consent.

legal rights of a sixteen year old that is pregnant is about the same as they usually are, the only difference is that you and the father are in charge of the baby not your parents. I cant remember the sight but if you google your question and put in the State you live in it will tell you what your rights are.. sorry I'm not more help that's all i know about it.

Your rights are in the first 10 amendments of the US constitution. Anything else in life is a privilege.

Legal rights regarding what?? Age of consent, criminal code? Please be more specific.

No they can't; that is a legal relationship.

16 year old rightsYou can get your driver's license.The rights of a sixteen year old are the same rights that everyone else has, minus those that are age restricted.In Florida once you get sixteen you can be emancipated at your own rights, and be known as a legal adult .

From what I understand they don't have any rights. You are legally an adult.

yes it is legal to baby sit in the uk i know a lot of people who are 12 and baby sit

Can à 17 year old move out

No, step parents do not have any legal rights to the kids.

Nothing besides being there for the girl and the baby!

With her parents/legal gaurdian's consent.

Zero. The 14-year-old has no rights. If there is abuse involved, contact social services for help.

They have legal rights to be able to retrieve their possessions. You can contact an attorney through Legal Aid to help you with this if you need the law on your side.

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