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The levels in Love Hina Sim date RPG are...

  • unfamiliar
  • new friend
  • good friend
  • close friend
  • girlfriend
  • the last level is... ??? really it is
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Q: What are the levels in Love Hina Sim Date RPG?
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How do you cheat in love hina sim date?

if you go to you tube and put love hina sim date rpg and then it'll give you all the answers if you follow it

What is a great online anime game?

Love Hina Sims Date, an RPG Game.

What is the code hina love date rpg?

You have to get to level 20 and then the elves with give you the staff of Kunta Kente!

Where do you find watermelons in love hina sim date RPG?

also trade in teahouse with 4 packs of smokes

Where do you find bananas in love hina sim date rpg?

You trade for it with one cigarette pack with that... smoke girl

How do you play Love Hina Sim Date RPG on a mobile device?

To play Love Hina Sim Date on your mobile device, you must first download the game to the device. After installing the game, you can choose your character and start to play.

How do you buy the smokes off Love Hina Sim Date RPG Game?

Go to the store and click on them that's a stuipid question!!

Cheats in love hina sim date RPG for the jigsaw puzzle?

There are many gaming sites that can help you with this. You can look through them or ask a question for others to answer.

On love hina sim date RPG what does allocated mating source mean?

It doesn't mean anything, it's the last level and you basically finished the game.

Pass the intelligence test in love hina sim date RPG?

every time it is a new puzzle so i am not sure. i dont even think there is a cheat code to type in in the beginning.

Where do you find tama turtle in love hina sim date RPG?

At TokyoU, go to the Training Center. Click on the star, A.K.A. 'Contest!!!'. Fight the first contestant, if you win you should get the Tama Turtle.

What are some dating games?

um... well i don't know if you know these sites already, but when i feel like playing games where i walk around and get a girl to become my girlfriend so we can go on dates and stuff, i go to search games called "love hina date sim rpg" and you'll be able to link to other dating games