What are the likes and dislikes of teenagers regarding food fashion and music?

There isn't anything specific. Teenagers and kids are all very unique (even if they wont admit it). Still, there are some basic things that MOST of them prefer...(I am one of THEM, so I can say this with confidence...) Regarding food, teenagers mostly like whatever is tasty and easy to get to. You probably wont see teenagers at the grocery store, getting the nessessary nutrients they need. Why? Simple, their parents do it for them. We can only hope that our parents know what is healthy and not, because we eat what is in that fridge. We also like restaurants and fast-food places, because they're easy, and have delicious food (healthy or not). Regarding fashion, it changes day to day. It all depends on the media. I don't bother to keep up. Regarding music, right now, teens like music that is fast, and gets the adrenaline pumping. The exceptions are songs like "Delila". Basically anything pop or maybe rock, with a little bit of classic.