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Q: What are the limitations of a cotton candy?
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Why is cotton candy called cotton candy?

because it looks like cotton & its candy

Why was cotton candy invented?

why was cotton candy invented?

What was cotton candy called other than cotton candy?

candy floss

What is a list of ingredients in cotton candy?

Cotton Candy and sugar

Does cotton candy have cotton in it?

no its just candy and food coloring

How tall is Candy Cotton?

Candy Cotton is 5' 6".

Can you use hard candy in a cotton candy maker?

for cotton candy u need powdered candy

What year did cotton candy get its present name of cotton candy?


What was cotton candy first called?

candy floss/cotton floss

What year was the cotton candy made?

the cotton candy was made in 1857

How do you get cotton candy on clubpenguin?

to get the cotton candy you have to get a clubpenguin toy and you unlock to a type of clubpenguin treasure book and if you want the cotton candy you can get it

Is cotton candy candy?

Cotton candy is spun sugar, occasionally with some flavor added. Hard candy is dissolved sugar (sometimes molded) with flavoring added. Candy = sugar. Yes, cotton candy is really candy.

Is it possible to make pepper into cotton candy?

No, not unless a manufacturer of Cotton Candy made a special batch of pepper cotton candy sugar for you.

What is the price of cotton candy?

cotton candy is 99 cents 1.50 tops

Is cotton candy spicy?

no, cotton candy is not spicy! it is sweet and melts in your mouth!

Jenny that she has cotton candy on her homophone?

Jenny knows that she has cotton candy on her nose.

What is the name of the perfume that smells like cotton candy?

cotton candy perfume

Where was cotton candy first invented?

cotton candy was first invented in 1897

Can children be allergic to cotton candy?

Yes< children can be allergic to cotton candy!!:)

Is cotton candy the same as candy floss?

Sort of. Not nessecarilly because candy floss is slightly thicker than cotton candy.

Why is cotton candy good?

cause it is cotton

What is fluffy white candy?

Cotton Candy

What is cotton candy known as?

Candy floss.

What was the troubles William Morris had making cotton candy?

he had made cotton candy out of paper

What was the occupation of William James Morrison?

He was the inventor of cotton candy. He was the inventor of cotton candy.