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A free Flickr account has these limitations: 100 mb per month upload limit, 200 photo limit in your photostream, limited to three sets, no ability to create collections. But a free account can always be upgraded to a pro account without losing what you've already uploaded and organized.

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Q: What are the limitations of a free Flickr account?
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How old do you have to be to have a flickr account?

You can be any age to have Flickr

Can you upload pictures on Flickr if you have an account?

that's the ONLY way you can put pictures on flickr

Is flickr royalty free?

Yes it is.

What are the limitations of a free your space account?

you may only have 1kb of free space it takes 3 minutes to create an account you may only create an account between 4.46am and 4.48am

What are the limitations of profit and loss account?

"What are the limitations of profit and loss account?"

How do you delete a photo from your Flickr account?

i don't know how you can delete your photo from Flickr account but all i know is, you can make your photo private. They provide a page where you can set the overall default privacy level you will apply to your photos.

Where can I find royalty free images?

You could use images from for your blog . These pictures will be ok to use as long as you give credit to the flickr account you got your pictures from .

Where can I find free photo sharing?

The most popular photo sharing site is flickr, this is also free as it is advertising supported. Flickr is relatively easy for you and your family to sign up too.

How many videos can you upload to flickr per month with a non-upgraded account?


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brickshelf flickr and images

What are the policies of flickr?

Flickr's privacy policy allows the user to have control over their account. This extends to who the user wants to be able to view photos, how the photos are shared and the ability to delete photos at will.

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