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There are many birds that eat other birds, Most of them lie in a group called Raptors. Raptors are predatory birds such as Falcons, owls, Eagles and vultures. They have sharp talons (nails), downward beaks and specialized feathers that help the bird to swoop down quietly, grab the small mammal/bird and secure it in its beak. Be careful of raptors for they may harm you as they may see you as a threat.

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Q: What are the little black birds i have in my yard called that are eating the sparrows?
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You have these black birds in your yard that are always eating the sparrows what are these birds called?

they are called well they have two names common crow or ravan. You can ussually find them on top of houses or at the dump.

In Which countries are sparrows found?

These cute little birds come from England.

What colors are sparrows?

Sparrows are brownish or greyish birds.

What Types of birds are called little brown jobs?

There are many different small birds, mostly passerine (related to Sparrows) which look very similar, mostly brownish. Birdwatchers find them difficult to identify so they may be know as Little Brown Birds (or little brown jobs).

Are sparrows high flying birds?

Generally sparrows aren't very high flying birds.

How do you control sparrows?

Sparrows are wild birds. They do not need control.

Is a sparrow big or little?

Sparrows are small birds, most under seven inches long.

Are sparrows toothless beaked jaws?

Sparrows (several species worldwide) are mainly seed eating birds, with short strong beaks. During Summer, they will eat insects to feed to their young.

Why are sparrow hawks called sparrow hawks?

Because they eat small birds, such as sparrows.

What does a sparrow look like?

Many different birds are called sparrows in different places. They are usually small brown and cream birds.

What group do sparrows belong in?


How big is a sparrow?

sparrows are birds that are very, very smalll birds

Do birds eat woodlice?

yes some birds such as sparrows and robins!

Are sparrows mammals reptiles or amphibians?

They are none of these. Sparrows are birds, which are Vertebrates and fall in to the Ornithurae group

What do sparrows the birds eat?

small insects

Are sparrows song birds?

of course they are stupid!

What birds will you find in the acacia tree?


Are sparrows birds of prey?

No....sparrows belong to the finch and old world sparrow family. Birds of prey include eagles, vultures, hawks, falcons, etc.

What is a small bird called?

A small bird can be called many things, depending on its species. Some examples of small birds are hummingbirds and sparrows.

What birds are native to Wales and migrate?

birds like the poo birds and sparrows are likely to migrate in wales

Do sparrows have backbones?

Yes, they are vertabrates, as all birds.

How do sparrows breathe?

Like all birds, with their lungs.

Are sparrows invertebrates?

No, they have backbones like all birds.

What birds are mentioned in the Bible?

Sparrows, doves, eagles

Are sparrows birds?

Yes, sparrow is a type of bird.