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Caporetto in Italy, where the Allies(G.B., France, and the US) drove back German and Austrian armies;

France in general, largely the scene of the horrific trench warfare that has come to typify the struggle, eventually won by the Allies, but initially, during the Frontiers of France campaign that began the war, a decided German advance checked by desperate reinforcement(some French troops arriving to the front in Parisian cabs).

Russia was also the scene of several major battles, and defeats against the German army, specifically Tannenberg and Masurian Lakes. However, the Russians were not knocked out of the war until the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917.

A fourth and equally decisive campaign was that of the British and Arabs versus the Ottoman Empire in the Middle East, the English victory presaging a long and difficult presence of Western power and influence in Muslim nations for the benefit of internationmal oil cartels. Those important battles were Bagdad, Jersalem, and Gaza, all three scenes of unrest to this very day.

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Q: What are the locations of four major battles that occured in World War 1 and which side was victorious in these battles?
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