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They can be located on a map with Maryland and Delaware to the south, West Virginia to the southwest, Ohio on the western border and New Jersey on the eastern border and New York Lake Erie and Canada to the north.

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What two states border Pennsylvania on the west?

The two States that border Pennsylvania on the west are part of West Virginia and the eastern border of Ohio.

How many states does Pennsylvania border?

It has a water border with Canada and a land border with six US States.

What states share a border with Maryland?

The states that border Maryland are Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

What 7 states border Pennsylvania?

The 6 states that border Pennsylvania are New York, Delaware, New Jersey, West Virginia, Ohio, and Maryland. there is not a 7th state that borders Pennsylvania.

Which states share the southern border of Pennsylvania?

There are four states that border Pennsylvania to the south. These include West Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, as well as Delaware.

Delawere shares a border with Pennsylvania true or false?

True. Based on the location of the two states, Delaware and Pennsylvania, it shows that Delaware does share a border with Pennsylvania.

What US states border 7 other states?

States that border 7 other states: Arkansas Colorado Kentucky Pennsylvania Wyoming (The states of Tennessee and Missouri border 8 states, which is the most.)

What 3 states border Delaware?

New Jersey, Maryland, and Pennsylvania border Delaware.

What states border 7 states?

Kentucky, Arkansas, Colorado, Pennsylvania,& Wyoming.

What states border Daleware?

Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania

What states border delawere?

Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.

What are the six states border Pennsylvania?

There are not six states bordering Pennsylvania. Only three. New Jersey, Maryland, and New York

Which 2 states that border Ohio?

Five states border Ohio not two, -Indiana, Michigan, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Kentucky.

What states border Delaware?

Pennsylvania on the north and Maryland on the west and south.Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Maryland.

What states in not border by the Atlantic ocean New Jersey Delaware Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania is a land locked state

What 2 states border New York to the south?

Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Name 5 of the eleven states that border Canada?

Canada and the United States share a long border. Five of the states that border Canada are Maine, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Vermont.

What three states border Delaware?

Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey

What are all the states that border NJ?

Delaware , New York, Pennsylvania

What states border the state of Delaware?

Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Maryland.

What are the states that border Ohio clockwise?

Michigan, Pennsylvania, Kentucky and Indiana.

In what states does Insomnia Cookies have locations?

Insomnia Cookies has locations in many states. Some of these locations include Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Massachusetts, New York, South Carolina and Connecticut.

Name 5 reasons New York and Ohio are alike?

Both states have a border with Pennsylvania.Both states have a border with Lake Erie.Both states have a border with Ontario.Both states are densly populated.Both states have seaports.

Where would one find the Carlisle Hotel?

The Carlisle Hotel is found in Pennsylvania. It can also be found in other locations such as Harrisburg Pennsylvania. There are other locations available in different states.

What great lake has a border with Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania has a short shoreline on Lake Erie, as do the states of Ohio and New York.