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What are the long time consequences of the vietnam war?

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Psychiatric and physical health problems were both long term consequences of the Vietnam War. Decades after the war many are still dealing with these issues.

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What were the consequences of the Vietnam war?

The new all volunteer military.

What were the consequences of Vietnam war?

This answer has been censored for extreme stupidity. == ==

How did the Vietnam War change consequences?

It didn't change consequences; the consequences were always the same: stop communist aggression or let them spread.

Why was the Vietnam war important in the Vietnam war?

Because it caused a lot of dead, protests, riots, arguments, and headaches for a very long time.

What war began in the 60s?

{| |- | The US involvement in Vietnam began in the 60's. The French had been involved in the war for a long time. Vietnam War went forward for a decade. |}

How long was the Vietnam war?

The Vietnam war lasted 16 years. 1959-1975

What is about Vietnam war?

A long war, the communists won.

How Long did the Vietnam War go on?

the Vietnam war against the Americans went for 20 years

What time did the Vietnam start?

See website: Vietnam War

President of north Vietnam during the time of the Vietnam war?

During the Vietnam War, the President was Ho Chi Minh.

How long was us invoved in Vietnam?

War in RVN (South Vietnam) since 1955. War with North Vietnam since 1964.

Year by year how much money was spent by the US in the Vietnam War?

Begin with websites: Statistics about the Vietnam War & Vietnam War Time-Line

What did Asians call the war in Vietnam?

In Vietnam at the time, and still today, it is referred to as "The American War."

What was the out come of the Vietnam war?

The Vietnam War was the only time that the communists defeated an American supported free nation (South Vietnam).

What time of the day Vietnam start?

See website: Vietnam War

Vietnam war consequences?

Unified Communist nation of Vietnam.One of the results of the US war in Vietnam, was the deaths of about 3,000,000 people in Cambodia. About 700,000 people were killed outright by US bombs. The resultant destruction of the government led to holocaust.

What were the long term consequences of the Seven Year's War?

There are envirronmental consequences because of all the amunition

What help Americans heal from Vietnam war?

Time. The passage of time has helped America heal from the Vietnam War, which ended for the USA in 1975.

How did the Vietnam war affect Lyndon B Johnson's war on poverty?

Vietnam took time and attention away from the war on poverty.

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