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What are the lyics to the song officer down by kardinal offishal?


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When reason dies behind closed doors

Face down in a cell in a pool of piss

It's time to fear what we should respect

It's time to question cause and effect

Striking with impunity

Hiding behind flags of immunity

When corruption rears its ugly head

The force of law becomes a farce

Personal ambition usurps justice

The rich protected at the expense of the poor

Would you sit on the fence, take no chance?

As those batons fall, turn a blind eye

In an ideal world

There'd be no need for law

No need for police

But in a society so sick

So obsessed with blind greed

Someone has to protect

The old and the weak

Officer down

Can we really afford to be so selectively blind?

If we dig too deep what would we find?

At authority's heart beats a dollar sign

Under such a regime we're all doing time

Striking with impunity

Hiding behind flags of immunity

Never say, you weren't warned

When they come to drag you away

To silence the dissident hiding in us all

They clench the fist of ordained might

From which side of the barbed wire

Do you want to see your life pass by?

When reason dies behind closed doors

Face down in a cell in a pool of piss

It's time to fear what we should respect

It's time to question

Cause and effect

Who teaches the teachers?

Who makes laws for lawmakers?

When they read us our rights

What about human rights?


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