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After MONTHS of not being able to find it I found THEM.

neko funjatta neko funjatta
neko funzukechattara hikkaita
neko hikkaita neko hikkaita
neko bikkurishite hikkaita

warui nekome tsume wo kire
yane wo orite hige wo sore
neko nyaado nyaado neko kaburi
neko nade koe de amaeteru

neko gomen nasai neko gomen nasai
neko odokashichatte gomen nasai
neko yottoide neko yottoide
neko katsubushi yaru kare yottoide

neko funjatta neko funjatta
neko funzukechattara tondetta
neko tonjatta neko tonjatta
neko osora he tonjatta

aoi sora ni kasa sashita
fuwari fuwari kumo no ue
goro nyaado nyaado naiteiru
goro nyaado nyaado toomegane

neko tonjatta neko tonjatta
neko suttonjatte mou mienai
neko gu- bai bai neko gu- bai bai
neko ashita no asa oridoide

I shall save many lives :P


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The words 'Neko Miko Reimu' mean 'Kitty Shrine Maiden Reimu'.However, if you are looking for the English translation of the song's lyrics, they can be found here:ねこ巫女れいむB

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The word neko means cat in Japanese. 猫

"Neko" means "cat" and "ai" means "love."

ooki neko or if you mean fat cat: futoi neko

The literal translation of Neko Atsume from Japanese is 'cat collected'.

A neko, or a person with any form of animal ear and tail

Neko Case is 41 years old (birthdate: September 8, 1970).

Neko means "cat", if you are asking if it is possible for you to turn into a cat, I think the answer would be an obvious no.

Neko Parham was born on June 20, 1972, in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

AnswerIt is Neko, pronounced Neh-koe. The Japanese Bobtail, is a symbol of 'Good luck' to merchants/ salespeople. This symbol is called Neko Neko. It holds a large yen.

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