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Back in the long, long ago, there were three men we all know,

Their names were Shadrak, Meshak and Abednego.

The king gave orders we're told, to worship idols of gold,

Or in the fiery furnace they'd go.

When they refused to kneel down, their hands and feet they were bound,

The king said "while you're burning show me God is around".

And when they looked in to see, their hands and feet they were free,

And there were four of them a walking around.

The things you see every day, they don't just happen that way,

Oh, it's a miracle age.

The Bible said long ago, these things would happen you know,

God's just turning the page.

If you'll just kneel down and pray, let Jesus save you today,

In His miracle way.

Then when the Trumpet shall sound, the dead shall rise from the ground,

Miracles will happen on that day.

The strongest man in the world, he was betrayed by a girl,

O, Sampson placed his confidence in things of this world.

Delilah found him asleep, and in his room she did creep,

His head was shaved and left him so weak.

But once again it grew long and once again he was strong,

He broke the chains of evil that had bound him so long.

He reached the temple one day, and pulled the pilars away,

And then the walls they came a tumbling down.

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Q: What are the lyrics to southern gospel song Miracles will happen on that day?
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