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What are the lyrics to the doctors Star Trek song?

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Who created the Star Trek song?

Alexander Courage was the theme song composer for Star Trek : The Original Series .

Did the original Star Trek theme have lyrics?

Yes, the original theme song had lyrics: Beyond the rim of the star light My love is wandering in star flight I know he'll find in star-clustered reaches Love, strange love a star woman teaches I know his journey ends never His star trek will go on forever But tell him while he wanders his starry sea Remember, remember me

What song is Used for Star Trek The Next Generation?

It is a modified version of "Star trek the motion picture" theme.

Who sings Star Trek Enterprise Theme?

Russell Watson sings "Where My Heart Will Take Me" , the theme song to Star Trek Enterprise .

What was the song from Star Trek Enterprise episode 80 bound that the Orion slave girls danced to?

The song was composed by the Star Trek orchestra, as are most songs used in Star Trek. If you are looking to download it then search for Star Trek Enterprise Series Soundtrack in any of the major search engines and you should be able to find something.

Who wrote the lyrics to the classics song star dust?

Lyrics by Mitchell Parrish to a song by Hoagy Carmichael.

What song has the lyrics 'and we danced all night to the Star Spangled Banner'?

There is the Star What song has the lyrics 'and we danced all night to the Star Spangled Banner'? Waltz by Hank Snow that has the lyrics "And we danced all night to the Star Spangles Waltz".

Who composed Star Trek theme song?

In TOS, Alexander Courage composed the theme song.

Where can one find lyrics to the song called 'Star Lyrics' from the Les Miserables film?

One can find the lyrics of the song called "Star Lyrics", from the les Miserables film on a number of websites like YouTube, St Lyrics and metrolyrics website.

What was the song played in the new Star Trek trailer?

"Don't Stop Believing" by the cast of Glee.

Which gangster rap songs mention Star Wars in the lyrics?

Jason Brannon and Chris Crawford wrote a Star Wars parody song entitled the 'Star Wars Gangsta Rap' song. It includes lyrics such as "we got a Deathstar" and "I cleaned the droids".

What are the lyrics to Kelly Clarkson's song Breakaway?

The lyrics to Kelly Clarkson's song Breakaway can be found by going to Kelly Clarkson's official star website and searching the lyrics, and other lyric sharing websites.

What is Star Trek the next generation theme song name?

The track is titled "Main Title" from the album "Star Trek - The Motion Picture Soundtrack" by Jerry Goldsmith. As the album name suggests, the piece was originally used in Star Trek the Motion Picture (1979), which predates The Next Generation by 8 years.

Where can you find songs with the word 'star' in the lyrics?

i don't no where you can find 1 but i no a song the Star spangled banner Tiwinkle Twinkle little star

Which star ships are featured in star trek enterprise mirror universe theme song?

The theme song you speak of does not have any lyrics. It was composed by a man named Alexander Courage ( to boldly go, indeed!) The song is an instrumental with a non-singing human voice humming sort of. It was NOT dubbed by Nichelle Nichols who had some singing background. Strange as it seems- the instrumental theme would not have been out of place on something more typical of Desilu productions- who produced Trek- but was better known for the Lucy programs=- The late Lucille Ball.

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