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What are the main buildings in Vatican City?

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The main buildings are Saint Peter's Basilica and the Apostolic Palace.

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What is the history of Vatican City buildings?

There are many buildings in Vatican City so you need to narrow things down a bit.

Who was the architect of Vatican City?

There are many, many buildings in the Vatican and each one had an architect or architects who designed the individual buildings.

What are two famous buildings in Vatican City?

Two famous buildings in Vatican City are:St. Peter's BasilicaThe Sistine Chapel (located in the Apostolic Palace)

Who designed Vatican City?

The Vatican consist of many, many buildings and each had its designer or architect.

What is the main religion of Vatican City?

The roman catholic religion is the main religion of the vatican city so catholocism

What are the main crops of Vatican City?

The Vatican has no agriculture and produces no crops.

What is the main river in Vatican City?

There is no river in Vatican City but the Tiber River is quite close.

What bodies of water border Vatican City?

Vatican city is located in the center of Rome. It is surrounded by city streets, buildings. The "state" of the Vatican was created in 1929.Clarification:While the Tiber River does not border the Vatican, it is just a short distance from the City - a short walk.

Who was the architect for Vatican City?

The answer would depend upon which building you refer to. There are many buildings in the Vatican and each had a different architect.

What is the main export of Vatican City?

The Vatican has no industry or agriculture so has no major exports.

What is the main industry in Vatican City?

The main industry is production of coins

What are the landmarks in Vatican City?

St. Peter's Cathedral, especially the Sistine Chapel and the Cupola, is the main landmark in Vatican City.

What is the main import of Vatican City?

Since the Vatican has no industry or agriculture, everything must be imported.

What are the main products of the Vatican City?

The Vatican has no industry or agriculture. They do sell some religious items and souvenirs but few, if any, are produced in the Vatican.

Where was the Sistine Chapel made?

The Sistine Chapel is in part of the Vatican buildings within the Vatican State. The Vatican State is an independent country (the smallest in the world) totally enclosed by the city of Rome, Italy.

Which city in Rome Italy is also in Illinois?

Rome is a city. How can there be a city within a city? There is the Vatican in Rome which is an independent state called Vatican City. But that is only a church, a museum, a big garden and a small number of buildings and only about 1,000 people. That is hardly a city.

Where and what is the Papal Palace?

It is a complex of buildings in the Vatican City in Rome, which includes the papal residence and the Sistine Chapel.

What is the capital of Vatican City?

Vatican City consists of one city which is the capitol - Vatican City.Vatican City has no capital. It is It's own capitalVatican City. Vatican City is a very small country, an independent state. Several geographical atlases and almanacs do not list a capital for it, although some list Vatican City as the capital of Vatican City.

What is the name of the main church in Vatican City?

Saint Peter's Basilica.

What is the reason that Vatican City has a small population?

There is little room for housing in the Vatican. Most of the area is taken up by existing buildings and the Papal Gardens. People cannot simply decide to move to Vatican City. They must be employed there and request housing when it is available.

What is the new name of Vatican City?

I believe Vatican City is still Vatican City.

What country has Vatican City as its capital?

Vatican City is the capital of Vatican City the country.

In what city is the Angels and Demons film set?

They main portion of the storyline occurs in Vatican City.

What are the main agricultural products of Vatican City?

The Vatican is the smallest country in the world and has no agriculture or industry. It produces no tangible items.

What are some important bulidings or art in the Vatican City?

Perhaps the most well known buildings in the Vatican are St. Peter's Basilica and the Apostolic Palace which houses the Sistine Chapel.