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there's no flag left!

Blue and Red

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What is haitis flag look like?

here it is

What does the flag of haiti look like?

the colors of the french flag is blue, white , red. haiti is a francophone country(french speaking country) it is red and blue and has a little sequence in it that's what haitis flag look like

What are the colors of Michigan's flag?

the main colors on the Michigan flag is blue brown and sort of white.

What colors are Mexico flag?

The 3 main colors on the Mexican Flag are red, white, and green.

What are the main colors if the Japanese flag?

The japanese flag is a white flag with a crimson circle in the middle.

Main colors for flag of bavaria?

white and blue

What are the main colors in a greek flag?

Red and Yellow

What are Arizona colors?

The main colors of Arizona are yellow ,red and blue because those are the colors on the flag.

What are the main colours on the Israel flag?

The main colors of the Israel flag are blue and white. There are two horizontal bands with a blue star of David in the center. The colors blue and white were taken from the colors of the Jewish prayer shawl.

What are the main two colors in Hatti's flag?

Red and yellow

What are the two main colors in haiti's flag?

red and blue

What are the sporting colors of nations?

the main colours that are on there national flag

What are the 2 main colors on haiti's flag?

Blue and Red

What are the colors of the national flag of Spain?

The main colors of the national flag of Spain are red and yellow. There are some other colors on the logo in the middle including blue and white but they are very small.

What are the two main colors in Haiti' flag?

blue and red

What are the three main colors on the flag in Mexico?

red,white and green

What does the Italy flags colors mean?

what does the colours on the Italy flag main.

What is the main colors of Spain?

Spain main and representative colors are those of its flag: Yellow and red. Their colors' meaning are supposed to be: The yellow color, generosity; and the red color, strength and bravery.

What are the colors of the Australian aboriginal flag?

The main colours of the Australian Aboriginal flag are black, red and a yellow circle in the centre.

What colors are the colors of the Mexicican flag?

the mexican flag has the colors of red and green

What colors are in the Kenya flag?

The colors in Kenya flag is black, red and green in horizontal . Two white lines between main colors with one traditional Maasai shield and two spears in red, white and black.

What is the flag colors on the German flag?

The colors of the German flag are black, red, and gold.

What colors are in the Greece flag?

The Greek flag has two main colors - white and blue. The flag consists of nine horizontal stripes of blue alternating with white. Historically, the shade of blue used in the flag has varied between light blue and dark blue.

What are the main colors on the flag of Argentina?

blue and white

What does the colors on the Manitoba flag mean?

All i know is tht the buffalo is there main source so they just have it on there flag now i guess