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Q: What are the main cultural activities in Brazil?
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What are the activities in Brazil?

the main activities are to rock n roll

What are cultural activities?

Cultural activities are traditions, holidays, and customs.

What are the Islamic cultural activities?

At the moment "terrorism" would seem to be the main activity espousing to be Islamic.

What are traditional cultural activities in Southern Africa?

traditional cultural activities in Southern Africa?

What is Manchester's main economic activities?

Financial and professional services, life sciences, creative and cultural media, manufacturing, and communications.

What are the cultural characteristics of Brazil?

Brazil's culture is a culture of diverse nature

What activities do kids in Brazil do after school?

Kids in Brazil do soccer.

What are Brazil's cultural universals?


What are things that cultural ambassadors do not do?

the cultural ambassador do the activities of their Embassy

What is Brazil cultural tradition?

Latin America

What are the main landform regions of Brazil?

What are the main landform regions of brazil?

Recreational activities in brazil?


What are the cultural activities in Australia?

Australia is known to hold several cultural events where many activities take place. Some of these activities include singing, dancing, art exhibitions, creative talent, and sports.

Is samba a cultural dance in Brazil?

yes but not jsut in Brazil. Spain, Portugal and other latin countries.

Does brazil celebrate Thanksgiving?

No, this is a US cultural celebration.

What are three main land regions of Brazil?

Brazil has 3 main land regions. what are they?

What is the main legislative body in Brazil called?

What is the main legislative body called in Brazil?

What is the main occupation of the people of Brazil?

the main occupation of Brazil ins coffee plantaion

What helped Greeks feel a cultural identy?

Common language, religion, cultural activities.

What Greek activities were important to Greek economics?

Farming, fishing, trading, cultural activities.

Whats the main source of economy of Brazil?

The main source of economy of Brazil is from Agriculture. Brazil economy is the eighth largest economy in the world.

How did the polynesians contribute to new zealands cultural activities?

They contributed by coming and having festivals and dances eating and also singing that is how they contributed to new zelands cultural activities

What are the economic activities of Brazil?

surgarcane, coffee, and mining

What are cultural activities in USA?

There are numerous cultural activities that take place in the United States. Some examples include film festivals, art and craft fairs, and performing arts exhibitions.

What are some cultural activities in Australia?

Australia day