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What are the main features of an amphibian?



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Amphibians are four-legged, cold-blooded vertebrates who generally spend part of their time on land. Their skin must be kept moist, so they live close to water. Amphibians do have lungs, but are also able to "breath" through their skin. They do not have amniotic eggs. Amniotic means that the sac that the embryo is in is not filled with serous fluid.

An amphibian starts its life as an aquatic animal, breathing under water. It changes, develops legs and the ability to breathe out of the water. By that time it looks like a small version of the terrestrial/land dwelling form of the amphibian.

Not all amphibians have slippery skin, are slimy and have webbed feet. For example California newts have a rough texture to their skin and their skin is dry.

  • Skeleton mostly bony, with varying number of vertebrae; ribs present in some, absent in others.
  • Body forms extremely varied - elongated trunk with distinct head, neck and tail to a compact, depressed body with a fused head and trunk and no intervening neck.
  • Usually four limbs although some are legless.
  • Skin smooth and moist with many glands, some of which may be poison glands; pigment cells common, no scales.
  • Mouth usually large with small teeth in upper or both jaws; two nostrils open into anterior part of mouth cavity.
  • Respiration by lungs (absent in some salamanders), skin and gills in some, either separately or in combination; external gills in the larval form and may persist through life in some.
  • Circulation with three-chambered heart, two atria and one ventricle, and a double circulation through the heart; skin abundantly supplied with blood vessels.
  • Ectothermal.
  • Excretory system of paired mesonephric kidneys; urea main nitrogenous waste.

A larval stage and an adult stage, and smooth, oxygen absorbing skin.

they can survive on land but their skin needs to be moist or they will die

they have eggs that are couverd in jelly ie. frogspawn

their young can't go on land eg. tadpoles

They spend most their time on land, they usually hatch eggs and they spend most their life on land. That's all I know I'm afraid!

they have gills and lungs, and can survive in water or land
smooth skin, metamorphosis, cold blooded.

Amphibians are ectothermic, tetrapod and vertebrates. They live within terrestrial, fossorial, arboreal or freshwater aquatic ecosystems. Amphibians start out in the water as larva, go through metamorphosis, some rely on skin to breath as they have no lungs, and lay eggs.
an amphibian is born from eggs and has wet smooth skin sorry for such little info hope that helped a little.