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ingredients for coke v.s Diet Coke

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Water sugar phosphoric acid carbonation

Caffeine and secret executive ingredient

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Q: What are the main ingredients of coke?
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Main ingredients Diet Coke?


What are the ingredients in cherry coke?

what are the ingredients in cherry coke

What are the ingredients of a Coke or Coca-Cola?

The main ingredients of Coca-Cola is the syrup it is made from, this is a heavily guarded secret by the manufacturer but it does include ingredients such as cane sugar, caffeine, coca extract & phosphoric acid.

What is the main nutrient in coke?

Coke is mostly sugar and water - so sugar (which can be sucrose or high-fructose corn syrup) would be the main nutrient in Coke - although it's only of limited nutritional value. Water, caffeine, carbonation, and all the flavoring ingredients don't really count as nutrients.

Ingredients of vanilla coke?

ERR... I KNOW... Vanilla and Coke! lol!!!!!!! or just look in the ingredients if u buy a bottle - if they exist!!!!!! It is just coke with a vanilla flavor added

What are the Coke ingredients?

The ingredients in original Coke are:carbonated watersugar (type depends of country of manufacture)caffeinephosphoric acidcaramel colornatural flavorings (the secret formula known only to a few Coke executives)

What are the Ingredients for coke zero?

fizzy water and coke zero syrup

What is the secret ingredient in coke?

Coke do NOT release the ingredients of any of its lines especially coke. Its their trade secret

What chemicals or properties are found in Coke?

Look up what ingredients are in coke for this answer ^-^ please

Why does Diet Coke have less mass than regular coke?

the reasoning for this is because the diet coke has less ingredients such as dissolved solids that the regular coke has.

Witch explodes faster with mentos in it Diet Coke or reguler coke?

diet coke the ingredients they put in with the diet coke reacts faster then regular coke.

What are the ingredients in coke that make it fizz?

The gas Carbon dioxide makes coke fizz.

What is the ingredients in Mentos and Diet Coke?


Ingredients for pepsi and coke?

Coke Ingredients Carbonated water High fructose corn syrup Caramel color Phosphoric acid Natural Flavors Caffeine

Why is coca cola brown and White when it comes out of a pump at a bar?

coca cola send the two main ingredients of coke in separate kegs, this keeps it fresh. When the two main ingredients come out of the pump they mix together and form the normal coke that you will find in a can or bottle. Hope this answers your question :) @danjohnson7 i used to work at coca cola and you are correct, they also send it in two different kegs because it is cheaper

Which is better Diet Coke or coke what ingredients does Diet Coke have and coke has?

diet coke doesn't have any calories so that means that there is no sugar in it which gives it the diet taste, so coke has sugar. so dose coke zero!

What is the main ingredients for gin?

main ingredients of gin?

Does coke have any similar ingredients to milk?

no it doesn't

Is Coca-Cola's coke ingredients a secret?


Why is coke more acidic than club soda?

One of the ingredients in Coke is phosphoric acid, which is not in club soda.

Why does coke taste different from pepsi if they are both coke?

Because Coca Cola (Coke) and Pepsi Cola, two different companies, use different ingredients to create their soft drinks. Coke and Pepsi are not both coke, but they are both colas because they both include kola nut flavoring in their ingredients. Pepsi tends to taste sweeter that Coke when compared side by side.

What are the main ingredients in Coke?

The main ingredients in Coca-cola are Carbonated Water, Sugar (or High fructose corn syrup if you're in the US), Phosphoric Acid, Colorant (Caramel / E150d) and Caffeine in the regular version. However, that's pretty much all you're allowed to know: The rest of the ingredients are a closely guarded trade secret kept under lock and key at a secret location.

Is phosphorus and phosphoric acid the same IN my report it talked about phosphoric acid in coke I looked at the ingredients in coke and it said phosphorud?

is phosphorous and phosphoric acid the same in coke?

Does coka-cola kill plants?

Yes, coke does kill plants because the ingredients in coke rot the plant killing it.

What are the ingredients in the Dollar Tree brand's coke soda?

Look on the can