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What are the main metals in the periodic table?


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The three main metals in a periodic table are transition metals, alkali metals, and alakaline earth metals.

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The periodic table has three main groups: metals, non-metals and metalloids. Metals are solid and conductors of electricity. Metals can be found in the left of the periodic table.

Three main classes are:MetalsNon metalsTransition elementsThey are present in periodic table.

the periodic table is divided in three main sections. the section's are the metals, the non metals, and the metalloids.

There are three main groups of elements on the Periodic Table. They are Metals, Metaloids, and Non-Metals. Metaloids have properties of both metals and non-metals.

Metals, non metals, transition elements belong to main periodic table. They are arranged according to atomic number.

Yes. The two main classification of elements in the periodic table are metals and nonmetals.

The three main categories of elements on the periodic table are metals, metalloids, and nonmetals.

About 75% are metals in the periodic table.

The main distinction is into metals and non-metals.

The main families of the periodic table are the alkali metals, the alkaline earth metals, the halogens, and the noble gasses. see them here to view where they are one the periodic table.. hopefully this answers your question.

Metals are placed on left side in periodic table. Non-metals are placed on right side in periodic table.

Generally metals are on left side of the periodic table.

The vast majority of elements on the periodic table are metals.

The majority of elements in the periodic table are metals.

there are 17 non metals on the periodic table

There are 21 non-metals on the periodic table.

The metals are located on the left side in the periodic table.

On the periodic table metals are listed on the left side.

They are located in group one on the periodic table

The periodic table comprises of metals (on the left) ,non-metals(on the right ) and transition elements (between metals and non-metals) in the periodic table.

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