What are the main parts of the front page in a campus newspaper?

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parts of a newspaper Layou,typical features and technical terms these are the list to be found on the front page cover of a news paper 1. box-out 2. by-line 3. caption/s 4. credits 5. crosshead 6. exclusive 7. feature 8. headline 9. kikcer 10. lead story 11. lure 12. masthead 13. menu 14. pugs 15. secondary lead 16. sidebar 17. splash 18. spread 19. standfirst 20. strapline 21. tag
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Parts of Front page of newspaper?

There are several parts to the front page of a newspaper. Some ofthese parts are, skybox, ear, byline, lead, columns, headline,dates, index, and photos.

What is a front page article in a newspaper?

The articles the editor the newspaper thinks are most important are put on the first (front) page and the subject of the most important among these is in the big title (headli

What goes on the front page of a newspaper?

The most important things go on the front page, in the view ofthe Editor. It is usually a major new, news item, but thepriorities for one newspaper are not necessarily those o

The main parts of newspaper?

The story on the front page of the newspaper is often called a "lead" or "splash" story. This is the story which the greatest number of people will find interesting, and is po

Parts of front page of a newspaper?

nameplate ears folio line cut credit line column headline streamer or banner byline cut line fold Editorial Page Entertainment Page Obituary Class
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What are the features on a front page newspaper called?

If you are referring to a printed newspaper, the front page often has two parts: what is placed "above the fold" and then the rest of the front page (this refers to the fact t
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What was on the front page of the newspaper in 2002?

It's impossible to answer this question, because each city and each state (assuming you are discussing the United States) would have had different front page stories every day