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social inequality, fighting for justice, human rights and freedoms and human sacrifice

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Q: What are the main themes in long walk to freedom written by nelson Mandela?
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What is the theme of the Dark Years by Nelson Mandela?

The themes of Dark Years Are -It is a extract of humanityDevotion and dedication for justiceThe sense of justice

What are the major themes in a long walk to freedomwritten by nelson mandella?


What are the themes in songs of lawino by okot?

Justice, freedom and morality

What are the major themes of the bill of Rights?

The major themes of the Bill of Rights were: personal to work, freedom of speech and pursuit of happiness

What is the theme of the poem the slaves dream?

There are a variety of themes in the poem The Slaves Dream. The main themes are escape, as well as the struggle for freedom.

What is the themes of the book Anthem by Ayn Rand?

Some of the themes would include : Collectivism, Individuality, Identity, Freedom, Love and Fear. I have to write an essay about the themes. Hope this helps!

The themes of anthem by Ayn Rand?

collectivism,Individuality,Identity,Freedom,Love and Fear

Whats the Themes found in a free state novel by Naipual?

The themes found in the novel In A Free State by V.S. Naipaul are racism and the main theme freedom.

What has the author Tony Fitzpatrick written?

Tony Fitzpatrick has written: 'Dirty boulevard' -- subject(s): Social problems in art, Themes, motives 'Welfare Theory' 'After the New Social Democracy' 'Freedom and Security' 'New Theories of Welfare'

What are the themes of the play Antigoni?

Antigone, written by Sophocles, has several themes throughout the play. The main themes are the nature of tragedy and the rivalry of sisters.

What are the major themes of Ghost written by Henrik Ibsen?

Ghost is one of my favorite work by Henrik ibsen because it reveal the hidden truth of society.According to Me there are following themes,Duty,Responsibility,Scarifies,Freedom,ConfinementFor any other help regarding Ghost you can visit our website.

What are the major themes in a long walk to freedom?

Corruption, hope, and possibly greed. Hope this helped you :)

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