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What are the major cellphone image formats?

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The .jpg or .jpeg file extensions are the most commonly found on a mobile/cellphone. Sometimes you may come across larger images with a .png extension, these images have better quality and support transparency.

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What is an image file format and What are two commonly used image formats?

commonly used formats are png and jpg.

What are file extensions .bmp and .jpg are used for?

Those are two different formats for image files.

What are the file formats of an image?

Computer based image can be saved in a variety of formats. The most popular format is JPEG which is a standard devised by the Joint Picture Experts Group. There are other formats depending on what quality of image you want. These are Portable Network Graphic or PNG as well as Quicktime or QT. In the not so distant past each company who made Image Storage Programs had their own, incompatible formats

Why convert image to sound?

You cannot convert an image to sound. It is because of the difference in the file formats of both.

What are bmp JPEG gif tiff png?

Image file formats.

How do you convert an image for a mobile?

These days smartphones accept most of the defined image formats. Earlier the resolution had to be decreased for it.

How do you set image quality on a cellphone camera?

the image which u click is the best image that can be cliked by ur camera if u have not touched any settings

What are the two major formats of information materials?


What image format is a picture from cellphone?

Usually it is a .jpg or .jpeg (They are the same file type)

What are the major cells?

cellphone, cell site, cellophane

What are the most common digital image formats?

There are 3 formats that are most used. There are more but the most common are: .png .jpg (same as .jpeg) .gif (for animated images)

What is a multi-format printer?

A printer that can handle a number of different image files formats

What are the three primary image file formats used for the web?


What is a web image the is not part of the HTML file?

The actual image file is never a part of the HTML file. HTML is a formatting language that can tell the browser to load an image. Common Web image formats are JPG, GIF, and PNG.

What are the common file formats for bitmap images?

The normal formal for a bitmap image is .bmp I have also seen .dib referred to as a bitmap image, but this is not a common format.

What are three common formats for storing pictures?

For general Internet usage, the most common image formats are .PNG, .JPG, and .GIF. .BMP is also useful when disk space is not an issue.

Type of image file cannot be inserted into a Google document?

Google Docs supports .jpeg, .png, .gif (non-animated), .tiff, .bmp image formats.

Is cellphone is the major distraction for student?

Not really. If their parents would supervise them in handling their cellphone and if parents would teach them the etiquette of using the phone.

Do JPEG files take up less storage space as other graphic formats?

Yes, generally speaking JPEG compresses best of all graphic formats (with loss of image information).

What is the best image file format?

There is no single best image format. There are many very useful formats: JPG - easily used in web pages and shared. However, JPG files are compressed and therefore lose some of the image quality. DNG - see raw formats. TIFF - a complex format largely used in scanners and faxes. RAW - RAW files are not standardized between camera models. They have an advantage in that they keep intact everything recorded by the camera but they are large and not easily shared or printed. There are about 30 more commonly used image formats.

What cellphone companies are there in Israel?

3 major are: Orange Cellcom Pelephone

What are the basic formats for images?

The most basic formats for images depend on the image itself. Images of documents use PDF formats, really images by a digital camera would be .jpg. Images that have animated motion are more .gif formatted. Those are the most common.

Why would you flash a cellphone?

A cellphone is flashed to put inside it the basic software it requires.This basic software,usually a binary image is stored in its permanent memory.See "Read Only Memory" on wikipedia.

What image formats DO NOT support transparencies?

The file extensions .jpg and .bmp do not support transparencies and are the most widely used.

Does indesign use bitmap or vector?

One can import both vector and raster/bitmap image formats into InDesign.