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What are the major challenges and opportunities for the manager of water utilities corparation to use organisation behavior concepts?


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September 13, 2011 8:44PM

Q. 1 describe briefly the challenges of organizational behaviour ?

Q. 2 what factors should be considered when using punishment for hehaviour modification ?

Q. 3 What are the types of organisational behaviour? explain.

Q. 4 What is type A & B charateristics of Carl Jeng ?

Q. 5 What does stereotping mean ? Why is it considered to be a perceptual problem ?

Q. 6 how does Oraganizational behaviour Mod influence employee motivation ?

Q. 7 Explain the external conditions imposed on groups.

Q. 8 what is jhohari window ? explain the four quadrant and what are its usefulness.

Q. 9 what is the managerial grid ? contrast its approach to leadership with the approach of Ohio state an Michigan groups.

Q. 10 Explain in detail Kotter an Heskett's study on organizational culture.