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whale sharks have distinctive white spots in their heads, and blue whale are considerably bigger then. And I think blue sharks are more aggresive than whale sharks . _ The blue whale is the largest mammal on Earth. The underside of its flippers are almost white, while the rest of its body is blue grey. The average blue whale is 75 to 80 feet long and weigh up to 110 tonnes. Females are larger and can weigh up to 150 tonnes.The whale shark can be grey, blue or brown with white dots and light vertical stripes over its entire body. Their mouths are located in a terminal postition and can be opened wide to filter water for small fish, squid, crustaceans, and other plankton organisms. The whale shark is related to the nurse shark, and therefore has relatively small eyes, spiracles and barbels.------- A: The Whale Shark (Rhincondon typus), the largest of the sharks, is a member of class chondrichthyes; cartilagenous fish. In most sharks, the only actual "bones" are the denticles on the shark's skin and, in toothed sharks (not the WHale Shark), the teeth. The endoskeleton is cartilege. Sharks aren't warm blooded. The Whale Shark, like the Blue Whale, are both filter feeders. Blue Whales (Balaenoptera musculus), on the other hand are class mammalia--- they're mammals, as we are. They are warm blooded, have hair, bear and nurse their young alive. As with all Mysticetes (the sub class), they are filter feeders. So, in summary, whales and shark, including the Whale Shark and Blue Whale are taxonomically radically different, starting and Class, and only come together under phylum which, for both, is Chordata. A: A whale and a shark can not come from the same family but they can be similar.they both eat meat, they both stay with there family, and they both hunt for food.

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What are the major differences and similarities between a hammerhead shark and a whale shark?

the hammerhead shark is different from the whale shark because a hammerhead has an hammer for a head and the hammerhead are mean, whale sharks are friendly.

What are the differences between a whale shark and a pale cat shark?

Well a whale shark isnt as pale

What are the Differences between shark whale and blue whale?

The blue whale is not only the biggest whale, but the biggest animal on Earth. The whale shark is a shark, not a whale, but it is the biggest fish.

What are the main differences between the whale shark and the basking shark?

Te whale shark is the largest, the whale shark lives in tropical waters and basking sharks like cool waters.

What are the similarities and differences between a shark and a whale?

There are many similarities and differences between a shark and a whale. The similarities is that have a similar streamlined body structure but the differences are many including sharks are fish while whales are mammals, sharks have a vertical tail structure while whales have a horizontal one among others.

What is the difference between a whale shark and a shark?

None.A whale shark (Rhincodon typus) IS a shark subspecies...

What is the difference between a humpback whale and a whale shark?

ummm... one's a whale, the others a large shark...

Which is the heavier shark between a Whale Shark and a Great White?

Whale shark. It is the biggest fish in the sea.

How are a shark and whale similar and different?

Similarities: They both live in the sea. Differences: One is a whale.

What is the different between a whale shark and a shark?

the whale shark is a filter feeding shark and other sharks are meat eating sharks.

What is the difference between whale and the whale shark?

the difference between the whale shark and whale is that the whale is not considered a largest fish in the ocean because whale is a mammal, but the whale shark is considered a largest fish in the ocean and it is not a mammal, but the whale is considered the largest animal in the world.

Who would win a fight between a whale and a great white shark?

Whale would eat the shark not grind it shark would eat insides shark wins whale loses

Is the big blue whale the same as the whale shark?

No, a blue whale is a whale and a whale shark is a shark. The blue whale is a mammal and the whale shark is a fish.

What is the biggest whale shark?

the whale shark is the biggest whale shark

Which whale is the biggest whale the whale shark or the blue whale?

The blue whale is bigger than the whale shark. The whale shark is not a whale.

Is a whale shark a whale or shark or mammal or a fish?

A whale shark is a type of shark. Sharks are fish, so therefore so is the whale shark.

Is whale shark is a whale?

No. It is a shark!

What does it mean when a whale shark strain?

When a whale eats a shark or a shark eats a whale

Differences between sperm whale and killer whale?

whale ingecting sperm yuck

Do whale sharks have shark or whale tails?

They have shark tails. If they have shark tails then they'd be catagorized for a shark. They are called a whale shark because their big like a whale and shark because it is a shark (tail)

What type of whale is a shark?

The Whale Shark?

What is the Difference between whale oil and a shark oil?

Whale oil contains a lot more blubber than shark oil

What are the similarity between shark and whale?

the letters a and h

Why is the whale shark called the whale shark?

Because it is as big as a whale.

Which is bigger a whale shark or a Great White Shark?

a Whale Shark

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