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What are the major issues in web solution development?

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- Cross browser compatibility...if necessary.

- User interaction design and usability

- Latency between the server and the client

- Trust between the site and the end user

- Finding an audience and/or creating a community

- Accessibility

- Implementation of best practices and standards

- SEO - that is being able to be found on the internet

These are just a few of the things one must think about when developing a site. There are many more which may be equally or more important. It all depends on your individual requirements and constraints.

2007-09-15 16:15:26
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Development is a process of creation. In a website it's the programming part and includes perfect code system; web designing solution refers to design of the website. Every website has two parts of creation, web design and web development. Thus these services are called development and solution of design.

What type of the services provide by the atlantech global IT company?

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Why create a template for your website?

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The techniques or technologies used for web development

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What are the most usable services of silicon valley?

android app development iphone app development wordpress web devlopment. Mobile app developemnt outsource web development

Which is the best web development and designing company in India?

Looking for the Best Web Development Company? You can find huge lists of recommendations when you start searching for the best web Development Company. However, one of the top-rated and prominent most web development and web design companies I would recommend is AsianWeb Technologies. They provide the best Web Development services at affordable prices. As the number one web development company, they deliver top-notch web services with high-level creative ideas for more than a decade and have helped more than numerous clients to build their brand. Their services for web designing and development are client-centric and result-oriented. They are backed by a talented and dedicated team that's solely focused to deliver SEO-friendly appealing web designs and development services at the competitive price. With more than 6 years of expertise, they design code clean websites and build great brands and help them succeed!Contact them on +91 991 373 8020

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Any system that is needed web browser or internet connection could be categorized into web based system like websites, skype, messenger etc. WEB API is also a part of web based development.

What is the relevance of studying programming languages in the field of web development technology?

what is the relevance of studying programming languages in the field of web development technolgy

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