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Q: What are the major jobs in Guyana?
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What are the major crops grown in Guyana?

Sugar and rice are the major crops of Guyana.

What are the three major cities in Guyana?

The 3 major cities in Guyana are Georgetown which is the capital of Guyana. The 2nd most popular city in Guyana is Carbien and the 3rd most popular is Ville.

What is Guyana's major export?

Guyana's major export is sugar. Other exports are bauxite, rice, and gold. Guyana is a country located in South America.

Major landforms in Guyana?

There are a variety of major landforms in Guyana. These include mountain ranges, cliffs, waterfalls, as well as five major rivers.

What are major landforms of Guyana?

Major landforms in Guyana include mountain ranges including the Acarai, Kanuku, and Pakaraima. There are also waterfalls, rivers, and cliffs.

What major sport is found in Guyana?

Our major sports are Cricket and Football.

What are the major physical features of Guyana?

The major physical features of Guyana are the low-lying coastal area, the white sand belt, the savannah areas and the mountainous region.

What are some of the physical features of the country Guyana?

A major physical feature in Guyana is Kaieteur Falls, a fact about Guyana is that because of its physical feature like waterfalls and oceans Guyana is called "The Land of Many Waters."

What is the major threat to the forest in Guyana?

Since the 1990s the Guyana government has made the wood processing industry a priority.

Why is Hinduism one of the major religions in Guyana?

Christianity and Hinduism are the dominant religions in Guyana. 57 percent of the population is Christian

What are the major vegetation in Guyana?

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What are the two major ethnic groups of Guyana?

African and Asian

What are the major jobs in russia?

Russia has numerous jobs for their citizens. Some of the major jobs are manufacturing jobs, government jobs, medical jobs, accountants, and engineers.

What are major imports and exports of Guyana?

the two main exports of Guyana are rice and sugar,also fruits, timber,fish and manufactured goods are importedtfrsdgfd

What are 3 major industries in Guyana?

bauxite gold rice sugar

What are the five major landmarks fo Guyana?

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Did Guyana have any civil wars?

To the best of my knowledge i can say that Guyana never had a civil war. However, Guyana do have racial conflicts between the two major ethnic groups but it never reached the stage of civil war.

Where are summer jobs for psychology major in WA state?

There are several summer jobs for psychology major in WA state. Some jobs are restaurant jobs, grocery store jobs, or bank jobs.

Why is Hinduism one of the major religions of Guyana?

During the colonial period, the British brought a large number of Indians (from India) to Guyana as menial or lower-class laborers. The Indians brought their religion of Hinduism with them to their new homes in Guyana.

What are some major jobs in California?

Major jobs in California include jobs in the medical field, science and marketing. Acting jobs and commercial modeling are also popular jobs.

Why is mining a major economic activity in Guyana?

the country has a large deposits of bauxite

What are some major jobs in Kuwait?

some of the major jobs are manufacturing and also agriculture. but the major job is exporting oil.

What are some major jobs in France?

some major jobs in France is working in the Italian places

What are major jobs in England?

There are numerous jobs that are in England. Some of the major jobs are consultants, doctors, nurses, retail, teachers, and many others.

What are some major jobs in Guatemala?

Just like in the US, different job sectors are available in Guatemala. Govt. jobs and engineering jobs are major fields. Teaching and education is a another major job sector. You can even find IT jobs there.