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What are the major risks of paracetamol?

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November 10, 2009 8:08PM


Paracetomol is broken down by the liver. if you have too much it can cause liver failure. However if taken up to the recommended dose it is a safe painkiller and doesn't cause indigestion or ulcers.

Paracetomol is frequently used in other medications such as cold/ flu remedies. It is important therefore to be aware if taking Paracetomol and other remedies that it is all too easy to ingest more than the recommended dose. Take care to check if Paracetomol is included in other medications you are taking. The recommendation is that Paracetomol should be taken 6hrly andf not 4hrly as most other pain relief.

be careful when giving Paracetamol "acetaminophen" to children, coz if they took the adult dose, 500 mg/dose, it will lead to liver failure to those under 6 years, but in general, it is the safest pain killer, but it is not antiinflammatory.