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was the gulf of mexico man made

No. It is a natural gulf.

There is NO man-made body of water that connects the Red Sea and Persian Gulf. In order to get from one to the other, you go: Red Sea, Bab al-Mandeb, Gulf of Aden, Arabian Sea, Gulf of Oman, Strait of Hormuz, Persian Gulf. All of those bodies of water are natural.

MAN-made resources are resources created by man. E.g.buildings,bridges,cars and furniture.

Three examples of man made resources are plastic, bleach, and nylon. Man made resources are resources created by humans.

The Gulf of Mexico is natural.

No, it is a natural formation.

a man made resources is anything you use that is not naturally existent and have value to humanity

Synthetic resources are man-made resources, made from natural resources, or resources that come from nature.

Man-made resources are things that only humans can build, such as railroads and skyscrapers.

The Gulf of Mexico is a natural feature.

Well, man made resources are very important, and so are natural resources. Man made resources are used for good stuff like the Hoover Dam, houses, cars, anything made by MAN!!! Natural resources are like, natural and are made from nature itself, like water, land, and all that good stuff! :D

Resources that are found naturally and not man-made

Too broad a question. In a nutshell anything created by man to save or enhance the resources is man-made resource. All scientific and medicinal innovations would be classified in this context. The resources of industrial activity is another example. Why, even dams are man-made resources.

physical resources means man made things

No; it is a natural body of water.

the meaning of man-made is when a man or any human make the thing

Resources are classified into three groups. They are -natural resourcesman - made resources andhuman resources

Alaska's man made resources are Rampart Dam, APW Reservoir and Atka Power Dam. Rampart Dam is the one of the world's biggest man-made reservoirs.

Natural Resources are things that were made by nature. man made is something someone made such as Desks Toys Plates etc... Natural resources are trees plants coal oil gas. No one made them.

It means that it is not natural, that humans created it. Therefore you get man-made.

Hydro energy is man made from natural resources

Man-made is something the humans have made like plastic or paper, and so on! Natural resources is wood and water and so on.

Basically the same man made resources you'd find in any country. They may be a poor country, but they're not primitive.

Natural resources are those available in nature without being created or made by human beings. Man-made resources are those created or built by human beings.

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