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Q: What are the materials needed to make a rathalos helm in monster hunter freedom 1?
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How can you get all the stuff from rathalos armor in monster hunter freedom unite?

hunt the rathalos of course. the red one not the azure rathalos. try to remember which items a monster drops so that you won't have a problem in the future. many internet sites would give you the materials but not where they come from so be sure to remember "who drops what"

How do you get firewyvern fluid in monster hunter freedom unite?

you can get one from a high level rathalos or rathian in the gathering hall.

What is the best way to kill the ratholis on monster hunter freedom?

you mean rathalos. to kill him all you need is good skills. watch a guide on youtube

Which monsters are not in monster hunter tri?

They are returning the diablos, rathian, rathalos to tri and that's it.

How do you get invicibility in monster hunter freedom?

There is no way to get invincibility in Monster Hunter Freedom.

When did Monster Hunter Freedom happen?

Monster Hunter Freedom happened in 2005.

What is monster hunter portable in America?

It's a game.In America (United States) it's called Monster Hunter Freedom. There are 3 games available for the PSP, Monster Hunter Freedom, Monster Hunter Freedom 2, and Monster Hunter Freedom Unite.

Where can you buy monster freedom hunter?

its called monster hunter freedom unite idiot

How can you get your felyne come with you in your quest in monster hunter freedom 2?

you mean Monster Hunter Freedom Unite? or Freedom 2? only Monster Hunter Freedom Unite has Felyne Fighters.

What is the biggest monster in monster hunter?

The Moster Hunter Freedom community has a connection to each other due to be seing Rathalos in all versions of Monster Hunter.In Monster Hunter 1 and so on,MH Freedom 1 and so on,MHF unite,MH G 1 and so on,all of them,I know that Lao-Shan-Lung is the biggest.But in the MH Portble versions,Jhen Mohran is the largest.

How do you unlock rathalos armours in monster hunter freedom 2?

you can get the armor in gathering hall hr1 u can get the waist and leggings but i dont know about getting helm and torso and arms

Can monster hunter freedom unite play ad hoc with monster hunter freedom 2?


When did Monster Hunter Freedom Unite happen?

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite happened in 2008.

When was Monster Hunter Freedom created?

Monster Hunter Freedom was created on 2005-12-01.

What quest do you have beat to get the kirin quest in monster hunter freedom 2?

I dont know how to do it on monster hunter freedom 2g but i know how to do it on monster hunter freedom unite. sorry =(

Will monster hunter 3 have all of the original monster?

Monster Hunter 3 in Japan only had the Rathalos, Rathian, and Diablos as the main returning monsters. However, there will be some monster species that will have similaraties with some of the previous monsters.

Can you link up monster hunter freedom unite and monster hunter freedom 2?

no im sorry to say

When was Monster Hunter Freedom Unite created?

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite was created on 2008-03-27.

Where can you get a monster bone plus monster hunter freedom unite?

By hunting a khezu, rathalos, rathian etc... The first time I got any monster bone +, it was when I got 3 of them from one run of the 5* village quest "Small Shadow over the Swamp".

Can you go on multiplayer with old and new monster hunter games for example monster hunter freedom and monster hunter freedom unite?

No, you both must have the same game.

What is the easiest way to defeat a silver rathalos in monster hunter freedom unite?

Well the best way to beat a silver rathalos is with a sonic bow 2 or 3 or above. Since its weakness is electricity, you can bring your felyne for distraction too. I made a link to help more.

What is the latest monster hunter game?

that would be Monster Hunter Freedom Unite on PSP and Monster Hunter Tri on Wii.

What is the difference between monster hunter freedom unite and monster hunter freedom unite essentials?

One says essentials

What is better monster hunter or monster hunter freedom?

It depends, Monster Hunter Freedom is a port of Monster Hunter G from the PS2 to the PSP. As of now they have stopped producing non-portable Monster Hunter games except for Monster Hunter 3 (tri) for the Wii which comes out on April 20th 2010. The most recent Monster Hunter portable game already released is Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, with a 2011 expected release for the English port from the Japanese Monster Hunter portable 3G which is a not so direct port of Monster Hunter 3 (tri).

Can you ues felyne fighters in normal Monster hunter freedom 2?

is Monster Hunter Freedom Unite different from Monster Hunter Freedom 2? then if it is, you'll get on felyne fighters. only MHFU gets to have a felyne fighters.