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River pollution is a result of a complex combination of processes that reduce overall river water quality.

* Acid rain,

* Industrial pollution

* Agricultural pollution contribute to river pollution

* Everyday activities that drain untreated pollutants and leachate into rivers and streams

* Transport: - where carbon and one-drop-at-a-time 'oil spills' can also cause pollution through storm run-off

=== === A holistic and integrative understanding of the cause-effect cycles of river pollution is an effective starting point to improve river water quality.Water pollution is a complex issue - from the source of polution to its impacts, both short-term and long-term on human and other species that depend on water. Point and non-point sources of pollution have a profound impact on the degree of pollution, and many times the actual causes are hidden behind more 'visible' causes. Understanding these causes-behind-causes is critical in developing appropriate responses to reduce pollution. Broad-based awareness of the sources and impacts of pollution - involving a number of stakeholders on the water continuum - is also important to effect lasting solutions. You can start by using green cleaners and fertilizers.

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What are the measures taken by government to prevent water pollution?

the measures being taken are the Indian government has banned people who throw garbage or wash clothes or bathe in the rivers

What are measures taken by government to prevent water pollution?

The government does not allow factories to be near the lakes, ponds and the other water bodies

What are control measures of water pollution?

Water pollution can be controlled by the following measures: minimizing pollution generation, treatment of waste-water at the source, etc. In-situ pollution control measures like dredging, aeration of lakes and reservoirs, etc., can also be taken.

What are the preventive measures for water pollution?

what are the prevention or control measures of water pollution

What are Germany's environmental problems and the measures taken to reduce them?

they are acid rain , water pollution , air pollution and the nuclear disaster

Precautions taken to avoid water pollution in the locality?

what are the precaution taken to avoid water pollution

What are the remedial measures for ocean water pollution?


Measures to control water pollution?

Chemicals in water can be treated and turned into non-poisonous substances. Laws can be made to prevent companies from dumping waste into oceans, seas, and rivers.

What have governments done to prevent water pollution?

Governments have enacted clean water acts along with restrictions on pollution in order to prevent water pollution. They often fine or penalize companies for breaking these laws.

Who should prevent water pollution?

I think that we all should the positive thing of this is that there will not be water pollution

Importance of the study in water pollution?

The main importance of the study in water pollution is that it will prevent the pollution from happening. Water is an important element of the biosphere.

Two laws passed to prevent or decrease water pollution were the Clean Water Act and the .?

Two laws passed to prevent or decrease water pollution were the Clean Water Act and the _____.

Preventive measures of water pollution?

There are so many preventive measures of water pollution. This includes avoiding spillages, keeping the environment clean and not disposing pollutants into water bodies among others.

What are the steps taken by government to control air and water pollution in the pacific?

Air and water pollution are important. There are various steps taken for them.

Two laws passed to prevent or decrease water pollution were the Clean Water Act and the?

water pollution act

Why is it important to prevent water pollution?

Water Pollution isnt very sanitary and dirty water doesnt taste good.

What measure can be taken that would Improve the water quality in a watershed?

Measures are:- avoid pollution from industrial area (water must be treated before discharge in rivers- avoid pollution from urbab area (id.)- permanent control of water quality- tripping malevolent actions

How does recycling help prevent water pollution?

it helps to prevent it by decreasing the chances of water which is being polluted.

How can as individuals prevent river pollution?

we can make people aware of harms of water pollution.

What are the different measures to control water pollution?

we must not add factory waste into water

Ways to reduce water pollution?

The number one way to prevent water pollution is to not dump waste materials into bodies of water. You can also clean street trash to prevent it from blowing into the waters.

How can idividuals help prevent water pollution?

They can prevent by not throwing toxic fumes or any kind of garbage in the water

What are two laws passed to prevent or decrease water pollution?

One law that was passed to prevent water pollution was the Clean Water Act of 1972. This Act puts regulations on what can not be dumped in the water. There was also a pollution Prevention Act that was passed to help aid in the clean up of water.

What have people done to prevent water pollution?

they have built filters

Give example of slogans on how to prevent water pollution?

Join the revolution Avoid the retribution, Make a resolution' To stop water pollution