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What are the mechanical physical and chemical properties of a gearbox?

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A machine with a mechanical advantage of less than one?

A gear box which speeds up the output. For example gearbox in a wind turbine.

Why do you have to put your car into Neutral before it can go into Reverse on Audi a4?

This helps to prevent the gearbox from being stripped and other major mechanical failures.

What is the difference between transmission motor and engine?

A transmission (a.k.a. a gearbox) is a way to change the way the engine's or motor's power is used. Basically, the driveshaft connects the engine to the gearbox, and then another driveshaft connects the gearbox to the wheels. Inside a transmission, a series of gears change rpms into torques and vise verse. For more on transmissions, Google 'how stuff works transmissions'.An engine is a machine that takes the energy in a chemical (like gasoline) and turns it into mechanical energy (the stuff you need to move your car). The ICE, internal combustion engine, is the most common type of engine. The engine is sometimes referred to as the 'heart' of a car. It is where the power, measured in HP, is created. Again, more is available on howstuffworks.comA motor is a similar to an engine because it creates mechanical energy, but it uses electricity instead of chemical energy. Most electric cars have motors.

How do you remove the gearbox on a Mitsubishi pajero?


Where the odometer sensor?

Depends. On newer cars it's usually a pick-up that protrudes into the gearbox/transmission. Old cars might have a mechanical drive off a wheel.

Where do you put gearbox oil in a Renault clio?


How do you use gearbox in a sentence?

i hate the word gearbox

Where to put gearbox oil in a citreon berlingo?

In the gearbox

What is a gearbox on a car?

A gearbox is another name for a transmission.

How much oil is in a 97 Honda civic gearbox?

The 1997 Honda Civic gearbox has a fluid capacity of 4.8 quarts. You can check the gearbox fluid level with the gearbox dipstick.

Where is gearbox ecu on vauxhall corsa easytronic?

behind the gearbox

Are energy conversion devices and machines the same?

Energy conversion I would say means converting say thermal energy to mechanical, or mechanical to electrical, or other conversions you can think of. Now some machines do this, like electrical generators, or electric motors which is the same but in reverse. Other machines are just mechanical, like a gearbox for example, mechanical energy in and mechanical energy out. So the word machine is more general, energy conversion devices are a sub-set of machines.

How does an engine works and the function of a gearbox?

An engine is a device that converts chemical energy in the fuel to mechanical and heat energy. This mechanical energy is used to drive a crank shaft which is used to power the wheels of an automobile. The crack shaft is connected to a gear-box which changes the speed and torque of the drive shaft. A lower gear (low speed and high torque) is used for acceleration from halt and a higher gear (high speed and low torque) is used for cruising.

Is it possible ot replace Land rover TD5 gearbox with another model landrover gearbox?

"Is it possible ot replace Land rover TD5 gearbox with another model landrover gearbox?"

Where can one find more information about gearbox online?

Gearbox software can be found at Sony. Gearbox parts for cars can be found at your car dealership. Make sure you know what kind of gearbox you are looking for.

Where is the gearbox for the Ford Expedition?

i need to know where the gearbox is for my Ford Expedition

When was Gearbox Software created?

Gearbox Software was created in 1999-01.

Where is the Nissan x trail transfer gearbox oil filler?

on the gearbox

What gearbox will replace a 4g63 t gearbox?

5t7j gear box

Is the gearbox on a 1993 1.5 civic the same as a 1998 1.5 civic gearbox?

The 1993 1.5 liter Honda gearbox is different than the 1998 1.5 liter Honda gearbox. The gearboxes are not interchangeable.

What does it mean when gearbox fault light comes on?

when gearbox fault light comes on, it means there is a problem with the gearbox. you need to take vehicle to a mechanic

How does car speedometer work?

Older cars have a cable, which is turned by a gear at the rear of the transmission, and this operates a mechanical speedometer. Modern cars have an electronic sensor in the gearbox which is linked by wire to an electronic speedometer.

Where do you put the gearbox oil on a 2004 Renault scenic 1.9 dci?

in the gearbox..

Replace gearbox oil on Renault scenic?

scenic II gearbox oil

Can you fit any gearbox in your 98 magane the number on gearbox is jb 1918?