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Furosemide and enlapril

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How long do dogs live with congestive heart failure?

Dogs can live with congestive heart failure. Dogs can live a few years if the condition is treated properly with medications and diuretics.

What are the symptoms of endstage congestive heart failure in dogs?

Some symptoms of end stage congestive heart failure in dogs include loss of weight and coughing. Other symptoms include abdominal swelling and labored breathing.

Which is the best dog medicine for heart conditions?

Vetmedin is the best medicine for Congestive Heart Failure in Dogs. It reduce the signs of heart failure, lead to a less tired and more active dog and significantly increase the lifespan of dogs in congestive heart failure. You can purchase it online from VetDispense online pet dispensary. See the related link.

Can dogs die from heartworms?

Yes, these worms can damage heart valves and heart muscle and otherwise simply impede blood flow by being in the way all of which can lead to congestive heart failure.

Does congestive heart failure in dogs have anything to do with swollen nipples in female dogs?

I think that if there is something that you aren't sure about with your dog then you should take she/he to the vet. Did your female dog just have puppies?

Why do dogs gums turn black?

Darkening of the gums is a symptom of congestive heart failure, the gums usually turn a dark purple more than "black".

How do you describe congestive heart failure?

The vast majority of heart disease cases in dogs are considered "acquired" heart disease. They can also be caused by injury or infection. Here are some details about heart disease in dogs, The vast majority of heart disease cases in dogs are considered "acquired" heart disease. They can also be caused by injury or infection. Here are some details about heart disease in dogs,

Why do dogs die from heartworm?

Dogs die from heartworms because the parasite physically clogs up the heart causing it to have to work harder and often blocking valves so that they do not close properly and thus obstruct the flow of blood. This leads to congestive heart failure in the dog.

Signs of heartworms?

There are different signs and symptoms of heartworms in dogs. These may include coughing, intolerance to exercise, anemia, fainting spells, or the most severe being congestive heart failure.

What Medications are used for dogs with fluid around their heart?


What should you feed a heart worm positive dog?

A heartworm positive dog requires a balanced diet just like any other dog and unless the parasites have lead to changes in heart function and congestive heart failure, there is no need to change from a balanced adult dog food. If congestive heart failure secondary to heartworm infection is present then a diet designed specifically for heart disease in dogs is recommended. There are different veterinary diets on the market recommended for this condition and pet owners should consult their vet to find an appropriate diet.

Will diovan hurt dog?

Diovan is marketed for treatment of high blood pressure, of congestive heart failure and post-myocardial infarction.Why would you give it to your dog?Do not give your dog any medication before checking with a veterinarian first.Meds for dogs & meds for humans are different.Check with a vet!!!

What is pimobendan and what does it do for heart disease in dogs?

Check with your Veterinarian. Do not ever give medications to your dog that you do not know anything about or have not been prescribed by a Veterinarian.

What is the difference between a tape worm in dogs and heart worm?

Tapeworms live in the digestive tract, heartworms in the heart. Both can kill a dog, which is why preventative medications are so important.

What human medications can dogs have?

You should never give human medications to dogs without the express instruction of a veterinarian - the doseages and formulations are different for humans and dogs, even if the active ingredient is the same. Veterinarians will typically provide dose instructions for Benadryl and dramamine, as these are commonly used to treat minor allergic reactions and motion sickness in dogs. However, your veterinarian needs to provide the proper dose for your individual dog, as many health conditions like diabetes, liver failure and kidney failure will affect the dose amount and rate.

What are some of the health problems overweight dogs can have?

They could have Diabetes,Heart Failure,Liver Disease,Arthitis\by Sarah in year 4

What is the best heart worm medicine for dogs?

There are several patented brand-name heart worm medications for dogs; any of these will work just fine. I don't believe there is any scientific evidence for one medication working better than any other.

Can dogs have heart attacks?

very rarely have dogs have a heart attack

How do you diagnose liver failure in dogs?

Liver failure in dogs is diagnosed through a complete blood workup. Liver failure is a serious condition that requires you to work closely with your dog's veterinarian.

Do dogs have a four chambered heart?

Dogs do have a four chambered heart. Dogs are mammals and therefore, have a four chambered heart with four ventricles.

How danger the effects of microfilaria in dogs?

Microfilaria is a form of heart worm. If your dog is heart worm positive and the worm is not surgically removed the dog will die from it. Microfilaria clogs up the blood vessels in the heart and cause the dog to just collapse one day from heart failure.

Can dogs have red grapes?

No grapes should be given to dogs it can be toxic to dogs and cause kidney failure.

Where in its body is a dogs heart?

The dogs heart is located between its two front legs.

What medications to use for depression in dogs?

Your vet will prescribe them for u

Is Guaifenesin 600mg aka Mucinex safe for dogs?

No, you should never give human medications to your pets. Dogs (and cats) react very differently to human medications and this can sometimes be fatal.