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What are the medicinal uses of gumamela?

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* Gumamela, also known as Hibiscus is used for a variety of

ailments-partly because there are so many species * - roselle

lowers fevers and high blood pressure, increases urination,

relieves coughs, and has been found to have antibacterial

properties. All parts of the plant are used, from the seeds to the

roots. * -Syricias is used mainly for respiratory problems, but is

also widely used for skin disorders or to treat fevers.

* Rose of Sharon is used externally as an emollient, but is also

taken internally for gastrointestinal disorders. * FEVER * Common

hibiscus has been found to be particularly useful for children's


Common hibiscus is used to treat coughs by placing extracts from

the plant in the patient's bath or in water used for steam

inhalations. Hibiscus is often combined with other herbs to make

cough syrup. * HYPERTENSION

Roselle and rose of Sharon contain

hypotensive compounds that

lower the blood pressure. Roselle's ability to lower blood pressure

may be due to its diuretic and laxative effects. The plant contains

ascorbic and glycolic acids, which increase urination. * SKIN


Hibiscus is a natural emollient, used for softening or healing

the skin. The leaves and flowers of the roselle are used all around

the world for their emollient qualities. When the leaves are

heated, they can be placed on cracked feet or on boils and ulcers

to promote healing. Since the herb is a cooling herb, when applied

externally it cools the surface of the skin by increasing blood

flow to the epidermis and dilating the pores of the skin. A lotion

made from of hibiscus leaves can be used to soothe hemorrhoids,

sunburn, open sores,

* Hibiscus has been credited with a wide range of healing

properties; The plant is used to treat alopecia, scurvy, menstrual

cramps labor pains, ascariasis, cancer and TB

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